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Another Christian girlfriend dumped me again. Because I can not be saved.

It's happened to me 5 times now. All the Christian girlfriends promised me they would not try to convert me, BS. I live in an area of a Bible belt and limited to non believers options and suspect my hand is turning gay.

I want to worship women, can I be helped?

Castlepaloma 8 Dec 9

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result duuuuhhhhh.
Look in the mirror!

To prepare your whole life for heaven, seems insane for sure. Luckily each one of them, were short months lived. Where non believer parners lasted years.
That's a good reminder.


That scenario happens with all believers I've been involved with.
They start off saying that your non-belief doesn't matter, then they turn on you for it.
Imho, they're ALL liars and cannot be trusted.

If they can claim to witness God, they can lie just about anything.

Then stop being fooled by these liars! Any religion then it must be good bye. Because of another issue my friend turned on me and started calling me names on a public site (ZPG.immigration issues). I then put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized it was he that had a problem. There had been signs that I had missed. There is a person on this site that is in the same boat with personal issues that blame others. AND we even have a president with major personal problems where he has the need to blame others.

@Castlepaloma Precisely why I've chosen to remain single and at peace with it.


I live in a red state with absolutely no one to date!


I live in a country that mostly cannot be bothered with church going and still cannot find anyone to date. I wonder whether it may be me?


I dislike sounding harsh, but the common denominators are you and Xtian women. You need to move or remain single--or look harder for heathen women.

Yes!!! A fire breathing dragon.😈

A few good ideas on this post.

@Castlepaloma Ha! I just looked at where you live and it appears to be Canada. I assumed it was the USA Southern Bible Belt. Even here in backwards Missouri, I find liberal Xtians and atheists. The problem is that all of them are boring.

Nothing is more boring than repeatedly listening to how super the Lord is.
Too bad, you, don't live around here.

@Castlepaloma Too bad you don't live here!


Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie.

@Castlepaloma Um, that was Kansas, not Missouri! But we have tornadoes, too.

Missouri, the β€œCave State,” 6,400 caves. Your well protected from those tornadoes.
I visited two of those caves.

When we get over this covid, if you come this way, you can stay in one of my tiny houses.

@Castlepaloma Well, if I lived near one of those caves, I might be protected. I do live on the rim of a sinkhole, but there is no ingress to it. I have only been to one of the caves--when were you in MO?

And not likely I will come that way. When Covid is over, you can come this way and stay in my . . . well house.

I build rock walls on my property. I will build you a tiny house to stay in.

There is a tiny house community in Mo. I am putting my aircrete portable Tiny houses on the international market. Who knows, might come for a visit but no marriage proposal.

@Castlepaloma What??? No marriage proposal??? And here I was ready to give up my house, my job, my everything to move north!

Been on a continuous rebound 0f 5 different hardcore Christian women in a row. Who all wanted to steal my soul. Then they all told me to go hell in 5 different denominations.
Do I get to choose which hell to go to?

Thought I would slow it down a little bit.

@Castlepaloma You should hang with pagans: 99% of them do not believe in a hell. Of course, they are not going to be any more plentiful than atheists/agnostics. My last two BFs were Xtian, but neither tried to save my soul. I guess that I am just too far gone to save.

The thought of marriage or living with someone is anathema--so you are safe on that point.


If we hit it off, we could share buddy vows.

@Castlepaloma I'm kinda cranky at times, but buddies are good.

All relationships need friendship first, that's a good start.πŸ˜ƒ

@Castlepaloma Well, you move to Missouri, we'll find out. πŸ˜›


Years ago I had a friend who had the same problem. He was good looking and very athletic and never had a problem finding women. But, after several weeks of dating for some strange reason they broke up because the woman was a flaming christian. I wondered why he didn't find out about their religiosity at the beginning. That was until I had actually met one of the women. She was very attractive, worked for a local environmental organization and was not religious.


Try picking up drunk girls in bars. You'll meet a better class of people than at church.

Covid shutting down bars. It's mostly Christians washing their sins away.


Look at the bright side. These women are obviously messed up with daddy issues. Why else would they think some man was god on Earth. You can't help some forms of stupid.

Wish God was a woman, because man has fucked up this planet, long enough.

@Castlepaloma don’t worry being messed up is not gender specific!

@girlwithsmiles So you met my mum then.


It's hard but be patient


I have been an atheist since being a teenager. I have dated christian women and not had the religion issue break the relationship. This is how I did it.

First, there are a wide range of christian sects. Not all are fundamentalist. So I only date christian women who do not belong to a fundamentalist one.

Second, I let them know my feelings up front. The deal is, hey I will not try to change you, you do not try to change me. It helps a lot if this is said up front.

Third, I only try to have a relationship with a woman in which there is a wide range of other common interests and beliefs, as these add strength to the relationship so it can over come other differences. Many men fail to do establish this, usually because they are not really thinking clearly about the relationship, and it fails due to not really being a strong relationship in the first place.

In some parts, some really good points worth trying. Like I will try reaching out more to artist women, because art has given me a deep center for most in my life.

Been up front, but they have turned again to born again hypocrites.
Name a few low fundamentalist groups?
Christians women I have met, are like being a little pregnant, screwed by God.

Hmmmmmm... it appears all of your relationships so far have failed? Or you would still be together with the right one? Something didn't work out here?

Had longer relationships than most people in their lifetime. Although, been stricking out badly the last few years. Could be the age, moved too much,covid and so on.
I know there is a lid for every pot.


You suspect your β€˜hand is turning gay’? Either you are or your not.

Maybe 2% of me is bi sexual. Been called metro sexual.


If they are literal Christians, you can understand the logic, when they believe they will be reunited for eternity with their families, why would they want to commit, most of all, to someone who is lost. And even if they are not literal Christians, you have to figure they will probably see you as a project.

The usually advice is to join atheist social groups to meet like minded people, but I think we can safely assume that you do not have that sort of thing in your area, or the question would not be asked. So you have two options, one, move, or two, if that is not possible, start a atheist/agnostic social group of your own. You may be surprised by how many closet unbelievers there are out there just waiting for someone to make the first move.

Sounds like a good idea, bring non-believers out of the closet.

Don't want to move , some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are here. High in friendliness and low in covid.


Are you sure that is why they are dumping you? πŸ₯΄

Her best friend, is the wife of her pastor. She is afraid I will end up in hell without giving it all up for the lord. At least in hell I will be with most of my Heroes and love ones.


I think you are beyond any help there. I tell you what, how about you come and live in Australia, you will be hard presses of finding any Christian girlfriends who want to save you, unless of course you specially advertise for one.

I was a hit with the ladies living in Perth for 6 months. No mention of God anywhere and loved their humor.

@Castlepaloma WOW, Oh really, a hit with the ladies you say?

@Triphid Sandgropers are a very peculiar breed.

@Triphid No, no, stop being jealous.

@Jolanta Me, jealous of him, you've got to joking.


Three times a charm.


You could reverse it and try to deconvert her....

It doesn't work arguing with a Christian that there is no personal God. Because it's like a Santa Claus for senior Adults.


Sorry, you need a new place to find women. Try a liberal state.

Nationalism is worse.


Sounds like you need to move to a non bible belt area. So your hand is gay, then watch women on women porn to help your hand action.

Ha ha, I guess the hand is all in the mind, I only think about women. So that makes me straight.


Just pretend... Christian’s do very little what they preach... so only a little bit of BS and you will be alright.

Hanno Level 4 Dec 10, 2020

I'm so lucky to be living in godless western New York. There aren't any women trying to save me from anything.


Head over to Thunder Bay, You might get lucky!


Good luck. Maybe try some Meetup groups?

It's an artist haven out here in Lunenburg NS. Artist groups I will dive into.
Teaching sounds sexy,... Lol, just kidding.


After reading the first sentence I can't imagine why. Me thinks look elsewhere, yes. πŸ€”

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