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What are some ways to fight depression? We are getting a blizzard this weekend and haven’t been able to work most of the week. Bored and ready to get some sunshine and do something!

OrangeJuice 6 Apr 12

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I garden a fair bit and it cheers me up - I love doing things with my hands and knowing that some plants are going to come up however gung ho I am about it .


I lean on gaming sometimes, my Xbox has gotten me through some down times. Wish I could say something more noble like reading!?


Two ways" (1) get busy doing something -- anything, (2) do something that stimulates your emtions -- either anger or joy. Intense emot. Intense emotion stops depression.


There are special bulbs that help when the sun isn't out.


There's been a number of recent studies into the benefits of psychedelics regarding depression and anxiety. Of course these drugs are still illegal, however there is work being done to change the classification from a Type 1 drug, meaning no medical benefits, to a Type 2 drug, meaning it has some medial benefits.

Here's an article on the topic:

KDzo Level 4 Apr 12, 2018

First of all, I don't think it's unusual to be prone to depression. What triggers it might look different for you and me, but, if people are honest, they have to be vigilant or they become depressed and decide their whole life sucks or that certain people in their lives are responsible for their unhappiness. So, you have the first step: self-awareness, down. Since you know your triggers are going to happen, being just a little bit proactive can make a big difference. When trapped inside on a rainy day, allow some downtime. Hear the voices that say you are wrong to be inactive with a little bit of skepticism. But also make a list of the things you could in fact do. Something you procrastinate because it's snowballed into a monumental task or something you would enjoy but tell yourself you don't have time for. Also just the routine household chores you might not feel like doing because you just feel too blah. Now, identify the first baby step or 5 to 10 minute activity that moves those things forward. Then identity just five of those baby steps that you will commit to do today. This works for me because there's nothing like binge watching or spending the day on Facebook to allow you to ignore your depression just enough to make it worse. And there's nothing like accomplishment to banish the blues. By both allowing downtime and requiring yourself to accomplish something you will find the right balance for yourself. A task will compel you forward and you'll forget to feel depressed or your heart won't be in it so you'll enjoy being lazy till it's time for your next 5 minute task. The point is, by the end of the day you will have enough small or large accomplishments under your belt to lift your spirits and you might also feel liberated by permission to goof off. Balance. Since you feel limited by gloomy weather, I also suggest taking a walk in the rain. Don't feel up for it? Baby steps. Identify and gather the raincoat, the boots, etc. that you will wear if you decide to take a walk in the rain. Your not forcing it too much. But you are giving your mind some possibilities to look forward to.


Memes! (JK kind of) . I put on some music and dance, do some exercise, call a friend or reread a book I loved reading before. It helps to remember that the feeling passes, however bad it is, it doesn't last forever.


Mindfulness meditation. coffee. cooking.

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