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Who feels smart phones have been beneficial to human societies?
I know it ruined Thailand, everyone has their nose stuck in it constantly.
PS don't have one, use laptop to visit this site and others

Are smart phones beneficial to human society

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powder 8 Dec 15

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๐Ÿงจ could either be used to break
mountains in order to construct roads
or to blow up cities in times of war.


Smart phones enable people to communicate in ways that were previously not possible, therefore beneficial.

How does everyone in Thailand having their noses constantly stuck in their smart phones ruin Thailand?

kids don't play anymore and social events have groups of people all with their heads down rather than talking.

@powder Is that unique to Thailand?

@anglophone no but premobiles Thailand was a far friendlier and interactive place. Thai's are shocking mobile users, perhaps even #1 in the world. Believe they are with the LINE app.

@powder Thanks.


I never know where my phone is. I often call myself from my house phone to get a hint of where to look. So, the cell phone is good for my health. It gets me out of my chair.


As someone who remembers party lines, dial phones, and the days before area codes existed, I think it's amazing to have so much power in my hand. It's no wonder we spend so much time looking at them. Remember what Isaac Asimov said: any technology, sufficiently developed, is indistinguishable from magic.


Technology and how you use it is a personal choice. This is not something that is forced upon anyone. You could just as easily say that TV ruins people's lives if those people spend 12 hours a day watching TV. Same goes for the internet or computer games or most anything really. Don't blame the technology. Blame the user.


I don't understand why it matters if people are always looking at their phones. I grew up in the city and ignoring everyone around you was an art form. Like @LovinLarge, my smartphone is vital to my day to day living, and probably my most valuable possession.


It's just a Thing and you decide what you do with yours! So how can it be bad?

Mimee Level 6 Dec 15, 2020

My smartphone is by far the best purchase I've made in my lifetime. It replaced my computer, runs my business and finds me anything I want to know or have in seconds. Not just beneficial but essential.


Pretty limited number of choices. It's not black and white curse/boon.

Who thinks knives have been a curse, now that we don't butcher out own meat, but rather most are used for knife attacks and killings in modern day life in the city?

but if you had to make a call?
Nothing is all good or all bad. Even Trump.

@powder I would call both, but that is not a choice.

@AtheistInNC I feel it has ruined childhoods


I use the smart phone for conveniences only. Half the time I leave it at home. Screen is too small for these old eyes


It all depends how one uses it. You control it or it controls you.

agreed but what do you think for society as a whole rather than individuals?


Add an undecided? With all its drawbacks, this old man likes easy access to facts and the creative mediums I use.

Added. Specifically talking smart phones here, what you mentioned is all online and can be accessed without a smart phone.

@powder How primitive ๐Ÿค“

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