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Since this is a mainly US-oriented site, I wondered if there were any other fans out there of The Young Turks. For me it's a great window into US politics - I like their political slant but I also love how it's done with humour, is fast-paced and explains technicalities (such as state-vs-federal laws or the various electoral cycles) that a foreigner like me doesn't know. Cenk had me splitting my sides today over the Paul Ryan resignation and the Erick Erickson interview. I'd like to know what other members here think of them.

Gareth 7 Apr 12

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I like them and their commentary on political issues.

SamL Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

UK here. I used to like them but then I watched a number of debunking videos on YouTube about them and I felt their Jounalistic standards weren't really up to scratch.

I can see that. They fall between news and entertainment, but I think Michael Shure and Ben Mankiewicz are both credible journalists.

Did you watch the YouTube video I linked to?


They very far left and quite dishonest. Cenk, particularly lies about the views of those he disagrees with.

@WizardBill I don’t have the time to find evidence for you. If you look you’ll find it. And that second question doesn’t need answering. If you’re interested you can look it up for yourself, and to call me an ideologue is just rude.

@GilesD lol, a little harsh at times perhaps but funny

@GilesD I didn't find that clip had a semblance of objectivity, but thanks for providing something. The worst kind of poster is the one who says "I'm not going to provide evidence for my claims - find it yourself and prove me right".


Allright there you go. Much love

@OtisJesser Thanks. I watched this when it came out and I agree with Sam Harris on this one. They have a hate on Sam and never mention him except to disparage him as does Sam Seder. I also cringe at the way they mangle foreign names - a little research wouldn't go amiss - but I don't hold TYT up as some ideal, just the US politics channel I most enjoy, and I watch quite a few.

@NoTimeForBS allow me to recommend PBS

@OtisJesser the linked video is a Youtuber and so I don't expect him to have good journalistic standards (I don't like this video's structure or commentary) but it does point out the poor journalistic standards of TYT.

(Hope it didn't post that reply against the wrong comment on the wrong video.....grrrrr bloody slow tablet, 1am.....blahh blahh)

@GilesD from what I understand from the video, I can either be a tyt fan and a sjw (good person) or be a piece of garbage. ?

@NoTimeForBS the worst kind of poster, eh? ?

@OtisJesser Oh, I didn't mean YOU. 😉

And you say you have @NoTimeForBS


I am happy to see Paul Ruan retire from Congress. He was a hidebound right-wing economic ideologue not at all interested in people. He also lacked the moral integrity to stand up on immoral and illegal actions by Trump and others. He is a moral weakling with little wisdom.


I did for a while, but they take things a bit too far. They're a bit too much like left side fox news for me.


Nope, they are not funny. They are dishonest.
I'll watch them occasionally to get the crazy view like I watch Louder with Crowder.

I feel the same way about Jimmy Dore

Crowder is another one that doesn't show great Journalism. Check out potholer54 on YouTube on that one. I'll post a link

I know Crowder is bad Journalism.
I watch so called prominent journalist on both sides, and then laugh as they have no points


I’m not a fan of the YTs but I watch Secular Talk radio by Kyle Kulynski. He’s worked with them before.

Yes I watch Kyle sometimes, also David Pakman and Sam Seder but they are hit-and-miss for me.


I'm UK, my son and I love Young Turks

Thank goodness I'm not the only one here. None of my friends know what I'm talking about!


The Young Turks are a bunch of driveling Liberal morons.

No they are all exceptionally well educated

@Amisja Liberal/Socialist/Communist morons

@Grant_Ballard Thats a very ignorant view

@Grant_Ballard You are aware there is a difference between liberalism, socialism, and communism, yes?

I was afraid this might happen

@WizardBill Everyone knows that Socialism precedes can be both...they are sides of the same coin

@WizardBill, @Katrik sane people know Liberalism, Socialism, and Communism are all three related

@Grant_Ballard Educated people know that there are substantial differences.

Socialism and communism are related but only in the same way that capitalism in America today is related to the oppressive robber barons of the industrial revolution. Communism is the extreme end of socialism. Socialism promotes a more equal distribution of wealth. Socialist policies tend to be those that provide for the needs of everyone even if it means taking some of the luxuries from the richest. Communism takes this to extreme by forcing financial equality and abolishing private property altogether.

Liberalism on the other hand is more about social issues. Liberalism promote greater personal freedoms and fewer government restrictions on what you can choose to do with your life. This is why liberals tend to be pro-choice, accepting of LGBT rights, tolerant of foreigners and immigrants, etc.

@Katrik you have your opinions and I have mine...going to leave it at that


I used to watch YT regularly. I agree with you about the humor, and the attention to detail.
I quit watching, though, because it was just TOO much. I'm not a fan of extremes.
I detest what the right is doing and saying, I absolutely hate, loathe, and despise 45, but I'm not too terribly crazy about the left either.
Both sides are too much for me.


I agree if this is what you mean. The Regressive Left. I consider my self a leftist still but can't stand the extremes of either side.

@AustinSkepticus I detest "political correctness" and just because someone may take offense to something, doesn't mean it should be outlawed or otherwise restricted. Both sides are guilty of that, but it seems to be somewhat more prevalent on the left. I don't like extremes. I really don't believe in "safe spaces" either. The world is a tough place. If you're going to live here, you better learn to handle it. No "participation trophies". Kids should learn, early, not everyone wins all the time.

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