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For me, hand's down, it's "Expert". Mainly because the "experts" don't know what the they are doing.
I no doubt missed many words so feel free to add in comments.

What was the most overused/ annoying word of 2020?

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powder 8 Dec 22

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You only take that position because you're not expert in anything and you don't understand the significance of expertise. Pathetic.

I know how to use expertise, which is usually tunnel visioned.
If your house is on fire, that is classed as a hazard, as covid is a hazard. What do you do?

  1. Consult the science expert in the field of fire? Probably a chemist you knows all the ins and outs of the reactions, temperatures, what it needs to flourish or demise etc
  2. Do you call the fire brigade? Professionals in safely extinguishing fires. Who are informed by science experts.
    Getting real sick of "experts" in epidemiology talking heads on the news giving their 2 cents worth on effective social measures like border closures etc. Upmost respect that they are experts in their field, but this does not make them expert in effective measures that people will respond best to. But they are the ones dictating to shut borders, close businesses (unless you're a Walmart type) etc which from a pure scientific viral control perspective is logical and efficient. But people are not like that so their expertise really carries no more weight in this field than yours and mine does.
    Experts say this, experts say that. It's never ending.
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