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This poem is a reflection of what I felt for a while but no longer, thought to share with all of you. Enjoy!

This is my selfie for a while
I did not want to show the world my beautiful smile
Because I was hurt on my inside
and I just could not hide
and run away from my problems like most
So, I thought if I became a ghost
And let the world think that I was antisocial
When I was pretty social
Talk to everyone like they knew me
but I could not free
myself from the scars that were deep within
I felt like I didn't fit in
No matter where I went, pain is what I felt
No matter the people I met
I just could not take care of this guy in the reflection
and take action
So, one day a person reach out and talk to me not know that this was a start of something new
I didn't have a clue
That since I met them, my life starts to turn around, some people left, not saying goodbye
and made me question if I was the bad guy
in my own story, but here comes the new chapter
As I slowly becoming an adaptor
Change my life for the better
This is my letter
of new things are going to happen and more people will probably disappear out of my life
I am not longer going to keep these knives
stab in the back, I am going to keep moving forward
So, here is my card
If you don't want me in your life, I will be gone forever, no longer open door policy because it keeps me getting burn
I am going take what I learn
and make this the best for me
I can't wait for you to see
this new version of who you know as Michael Sergio Fischer-Zaragoza

MSFZ 4 Apr 12

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Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for checking it out, appreciate the support.


You picked a difficult format, all couplets, two lines that rhyme. It requires some discipline because you have to keep the thread of the poem going s well as the meter. Well done!

Thank you for checking it out and I am glad you think it is well done. I often have written my poetry in this format. If you check out my other poem, I posted on here, it is the same style as this one. It is called Society is Lost. 🙂 Thank you for checking it out.


Liked it, I will have to ponder it awhile. I may make a spinoff from it.

Hey, I would be an honor, let your creative flow but the choice is yours.


Nice hope its self therapeutic for you.

Writing does that sort of thing for me. It helps me keep balance with the world carried on my shoulders type thing. I have another poem on here if you want to check it out. That would be cool. Hope you are doing well. 🙂

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