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Sam reviews how PragerU in their latest video openly defends the Robert E Lee legacy and slavery. Relating to Trump's veto of removing confederate commemoratives.

summatyme 5 Dec 24

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Prager U. Own by the wealthy and their corporations to inform you of who are suppose to believe!!!

Not from what you have learn, seen, and researched!!!

Just more obstructionist republican fascist death cult agenda against the people of this country!!!


Fake history, the kind taught to children.


I never understood why the South kept those statues to traitors, or why the rest of the country allowed them to. I was raised in Alabama and I remember in 1976 when they gave Lee his citizenship back, WTF is wrong with Americans, it's as if Germany had statues to Hitler and the Red Barron. Southerners seem to think it's some kind of patriotism, but it's treason.

Common, the Red Baron was cool....
civil war is a different animal.
seems like a lot of things were done to appease the south....but slowly changing

@Canndue The south needs to join the god damned union or stop pretending to be so damned patriotic while standing under a traitor flag clutching their guns in apprehension of their fellow Americans.

@Willow_Wisp yes indeed...

@Canndue I mean they've tried to turn themselves into a persecuted ethic minority.
The God Damned nerve.

@Willow_Wisp yeah, victim mentality. The good ole boys must be seething now that trump lost...


He happened to be on the losing side of the history. Many in history were around the world were but what mattered was did they perform well? Since Robert Lee performed very well according to the losing side, he was a hero. Many traitors and terrorists are heroes to others. Wasn't George Washington declared to be treasonous by the British crown?

Why aren't we talking about our glorified founding fathers who owned slaves?

And many founding fathers, before the Revolution, had been land speculators. England had reserved the Western Lands, the Appalachians, for natives. After the Revolution, the land speculators sold those lands to the former colonists.

Also before the Revolution, England’s Parliament briefly considered whether to end the slave trade. Southern slave owners instantly supported the Revolution.

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