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Could this be the Republican Party?

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 12

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How do we get those who do not participate to stand up and do their part? They do not even realize it is in their best interests. This last group by electing trump has actually voted against themselves. Where are the liberals the progressive thinkers and leadersd? We should be yelling from the rooftops to correct this error.


It is said the problems of the world are less about evil and more about weakness. To some of that weakness is an unwillingness to look at different sides to an issue, especially when those sides makes one uncomfortable. Often, more knoledge is gotten from stepping outside of one's comfort sone than staying within it. Believe me, I have been there too many times.


The old saying is all it take for evil to flouish is for good folks to say nothing.


Sadly I think thats true. I really did think there was no way that enough people would vote for trump. either. I really hope we woke up.


Ok... we have to stop the bad thing happening.

We, the enlightened agnostics, really must participate and organize more political demonstrations. The conservatives are sick with unrealistic fear drummed up by corporate media. This media also lies about climate change, which is currently the biggest threat to human existence. We must overcome the effects of corporate media by being LOUD EVERY DAY.


I think you are correct, however I would be apt to lump in most politicians.

Agree, the both parties are being paid by criminals hiding behind a supreme court decision called Citizens United, which makes bribery of politicians legal. The only ones voting with the people are those who do not take PAC money.

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