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CuddyCruiser 7 Dec 25

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There is a balancing act that has to be done with this. PC run amok does, in my opinion, become a form of bullying for the left. At the same time, moderate PC serves as a legit way to stand up for oppressed and minority groups in public discourse and behavior that spares individuals from having to fight their own battles over and over to be treated with respect and dignity by others who are in more dominant and privileged groups.


Political Correctness is what we used to call "courtesy".

Neo-Nazis have attempted to poison the word and the practice.


So you want to yell Nazi slogans,or use the "n" word?
"Political correctness" used to be called Common Courtesy and the idea was to not go out of your way to be a total shit to others just because you could, and because you wanted them to be kind to you........

It is about not being afraid to speak your mind and that’s it. And, come to think of it, I found it on a website that leans to the right.

I should have read your response first ... could have saved myself the trouble of typing.


Don't say offensive things and then you won't have to call people snowflakes for being offended.


You don't understand, we were hoping they would stop embarrassing themselves.
I'm for free speech, but the speech with truth we have to dive Youtube to hear.
Most of this rift is from the "FU" conservatives and corporate Democrats.
Sadly we didn't have a candidate with policies that were Progressive that weren't high priority targets for right wing media and sympathetic disapproval by moderate democrat media.

But please state your case, tell us your agenda without lying about the designed outcome.

Republicans advocating freedom of political speech typically spend a lot of time picking at whatever is the highest value targets of their political opponents.
Hillary and Benghazi. They're still having court cases to reopen investigations, after what a billion dollars of court cost at tax payers expense.
Republicans are a cult, a cult of conformist and their masters, all "True Christians" as opposed to denominations that don't agree with white supremacy.

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