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Here is some real religion/ Los Angeles legal bullshit. Women accusing scientology actor of harrassment and rape have been ordered to attend church mediation first (one of those Scientology legal contracts). How a church document can be used to force a potentially abused person to sit with church mediation is really fucked up.


Beowulfsfriend 9 Dec 31

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It’s a sick world after all. Anything goes.


A church that has its members sign an arbitration agreement? That's messed up. A church that has its members sign an arbitration agreement that provides a legal loophole for someone to get away with crime? That's really messed up! What's a word for the opposite of righteousness?

There's no way it's legally binding, but they're so afraid of alien possession and shit that they won't defy their cult.

@JimG Still, a judge is forcing arbitration, at least in some of the case.


How a cult started by a failed writer got any kind of legal recognition is beyond me. How a cult got the right to overrule the law of the country is also puzzling if this was a muslim woman and the imam said that sharia law must prevail what would happen then?

They should turn up sit there and say he raped me he raped me he raped me until it is all over then allow the police and courts to actually do their job. This is abuse of the victim, we have all seen what happens when cults are allowed to police the illegal behaviour of their members, the victim gets punished and the criminal is allowed off scot free.

I believe the muslim woman would need a witness to say she was raped by the man.

@xenoview Or she gets stoned for having sex outside of a marriage. So what would happen if the cult of islam then said they had the right to stone her?


I wonder, is the reason this cult is allowed to continue abusing people, because all cults would then have to be dealt with? Including the major religious ones?

Mvtt Level 7 Jan 1, 2021

All religions are cults.
I don't care how mainstream they are.


Danny Masterson is guilty as hell. He's a rapist and the Church of Scientology is protecting him. He should spend many years in prison


That cult should be outlawed.


Is this really any different than the way other cults treat rape, pedophilia, and sexual assault? All of the damned cults should be purged, and the only difference between a religion and a cult is how long ago it was established.

@JimG There is no difference. None at all.
They should all be held accountable for every crime they've committed, and continue to commit.

@JimG or how much cash they have

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