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If money is speech, then the legacy of Mitch McConnell should be the burden of Trump & Republican neo-Confederate/insurrectionist forces.

One of the key failures of reconstruction was to refusal to economically extinguish the culture of the Confederacy.

To what extent do we need to economically punish white nationalist supporters?

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domos 6 Jan 7

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How about mandatory DNA testing?

  1. Find the more easily if/when needed
  2. Everyone has some African blood, finding this out Might wake up a few!

So it seems many of those who voted believe a harsh potentially violent response is the only way to appropriately discourage this in the future...

If that is so, is the rest of America ready to burden the consequences of such corrective action?

I don't think so.

Well I do believe a stern response is necessary, I think people right now just want more retribution than they do pragmatism.

I think the best option is to go after the wealth of generation capabilities of all the business entities that enabled the madness.

domos Level 6 Jan 8, 2021

Treason is not to be punished economically, these assholes wanted to kill our democracy, this is sexition, this is insurrection, and this is treason. To not act strongly and severely and also swiftly would be inexcusable. No more leniency with the enablers, with the traitor trump, with rubio, cruz, scott and hawley. These pustules have to be ecpelled from their positions of power. Anything else is a kick in the ass of democracy and the integrity of our country.

Unfortunately, the United States Constitution is abnormally specific about what constitutes treason... And this does not. It makes sense because the Constitution was literally built on compromising with slave owners who were always on the edge of treason.

I think I'm more legally accurate word is sedition.

One of the key failures of reconstruction was to refusal to economically deprive the culture of the Confederacy. This is just an attempt to generate ideas on not repeating that mistake

@domos how is this not levying war against the government? They had guns, bombs and atracked the government's capitol, removed the US flag from the capitol dome to replace it with a trump flag. Fuck leniency. This was war against the government. Ergo TREASON!

@Mofo1953 okay then... If we're going by the official definition of treason in the United States Constitution, please define the enemy that was receiving aid and comfort in Wednesday's attack.

@domos there are 2 reasons, one doesn't exclude the other, don't be stupid.


To what level do we hold those that have sold us to China accountable? Are they the black nationalist? Is it wrong to say that?

What are you talking about bro?

@domos He's a racist who pretends to be a doctor. Mostly we just shame him until he goes away.

@LovinLarge My girlfriend is black and no one has accepted my offer to come visit me. I’m the bad guy and orange man bad. I’m Fucken horrible


  1. You don't have a black gf but even if you did, you would still be a racist. You've proven it repeatedly.
  2. There's a reason no one comes to visit you.
  3. Yes, you and Trump are bad people.
  4. "Fuckin'" is spelled like this.


  1. Come prove me wrong.

  2. That because democrats can’t afford to travel

  3. That’s an opinion

  4. Fucken, fuckin, potato, fuloflr

@CourtJester geebus, cutback on the mushrooms, or whatever, you are Not coherent....

@AnneWimsey trying to reason with some people isn’t coherent. It can be fun though.


None of these choices are fitting.

How so?

@domos Neither government policy or ostracism are likely to help. I have no answers. These people are mentally ill and you can't force them to change or get help. Maybe deportation could be used? It was a common practice in the US against communists and political dissidents in the last century. But I don't think that was right either and I'm not in favor of political imprisonment. I wish they would leave voluntarily, but no country would be likely to want them.

So it seems you've completely given up on the idea of them remaining citizens in the constructive way.

Or to put it another way, which you hesitate to choose between living next to a sex offender versus a Trump supporter?

I just don't see any way to force people to accept the sort of agenda you support, not in a free society. What you are proposing is something like China's policies on social engineering, like their one child policy to reduce population, where they would punish those who didn't comply by denying them financial support from the government as well as limiting their access to jobs, etc. Even that didn't work with everyone as people would find ways to get around it by killing any female babies so they could have another one that they hoped would be male. I don't want to live in a totalitarian society like that.


Nothing will get through to them.
They won't stop until they are dead.

Are you sincerely advocating for inherently violent and lethal, post civil war style martial law to be used?

@domos I haven't advocated for anything.
I made a simple statement of fact.

Don't try to imply anything.

okay then. So is it accurate to say you think that the desire to gain wealth will not be enough to encourage them to control their bullshittery.


No amount of money will get racists to stop being racists.
Unless they have some sort of epiphany, they die believing what they believe.

@KKGator The goal is not to stop them from being racist, it's to severely mitigate their ability to influence systems and institutions.


Sorry, I hope recent edits have made things more clear

@domos Yes, thank you although I don't see how this economic sanction of white nationalists could be accomplished which is not to say that I wouldn't favor it if it could.


Answers are too confining. Identify them and present the information to their employers.

That falls under social shaming to me so I added that descriptor to the second "no" option


What difference opinions are going to make?

Nothing is going to change. We have been wasting steam for decades, not just for 4 years.

The stakes are too high to just do nothing bro or not suggest ideas to try


Ok but how is the question here going to change anything? When I post, I rant and do not expect to start, end or change anything.

@St-Sinner generate discussion and deliberation of ideas as to not perpetuate mistakes of the past

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