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Ciphers are individuals lacking in moral autonomy, deficient in critical thinking and incapable of acting with courage.
The cipher is too afraid or incompetent to think for himself, and so, he submissively regurgitates slogans heard in the media and robotically obeys orders from the political class.
These dehumanized non-entities are molded by years of indoctrination in state-schools, decades of propaganda from media and popular culture, and constant exposure to numbing and dumbing distractions.
The cipher is the man or woman whose spirit has been broken and who is the easy prey of the power-hungry amongst the political class.

Somnium 5 Jan 13

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If you are saying that every person should have the complete freedom to make any choices he or she wants in the name of "morality", you are calling for amoral anarchy.


Having read the comment carefully, IMO the cyphers are Trump’s unthinking followers, and people who have not escaped religion.


I smell another troll.
Look, my kind sir, it's a specific brand of media:
AM Radio,
Fox News, and the
Internet copycats on steroids (brain children of the 'vast right-wing conspiracy'😉,
which has succeeded in cranking out 'ciphers,' far beyond what I'm sure were their wildest dreams, which is the problem, in my opinion.
Public education, mass culture (I can hardly wait for the next Avengers movie), and, among other things---given the blowback from reactionary revisionists such as yourself---anyone who has managed to retain their sanity, are the solution.
Given all these challenges, I can use all the 'distractions' I can get.


Thanks for pointing out that it's men and women who become ciphers. Anyone who wants to blindly follow another into Hell.


Typical con, always creating an us vs. them scenario to try to justify his fear of anything foreign to himself and his experience.

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