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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - revised -

I AM as U R - a Being of - LIFE - expressing - there-in -
U R & I AM - a Spirit of - LIFE - being a human - Person -
We R - expressions of Love as Energy - being forms of - LIFE -
GOD is LIFE - expressing thru an infinite # of forms - there-in -

Know that - of which - U R - composed & comprised -
discern & ascertain - thine - Origin & Essence -
Realize U R - Eternally being a Divine Being -
Be Aware that U derive your Essence from -
that which IS - ALL things & No thing -

U R & I AM - as GOD is - Eternal -
LOVE - is our - Divine - Essence -
expressing One - Self Soul Spirit -

We R - Love - as - Energy in Life -
being a Person thru a - form of Life -
existing - for a brief - period of time -
in a very minute - portion of space -

U R currently living on a - Planet - and in a - Body -
composed & comprised of - matter - mass - liquid & gas -
a - Spirit of Life - being a - Person in Life - thru a - form of Life -
in a World filled with - illusion & delusion - that - U call "reality" -

We R - Souls of Love - Beings of Energy - Spirits of Life -
briefly being a Person thru a human animal - form of Life -
in order to - express and Know - experientially - Ones Self -

become - Aware of - recognize - acknowledge - Accept -
that U R - as ALL of Life is - an expression of - GOD -
as that which - IS - being - All things - as - Everything -
as such is GOD - Omniscient - Omnipotent - Omnipresent -

Namaste - that which is - GOD as Energy - being - LIFE -

U R - there-fore as - I AM -
an - Eternal Being - Divinely being -
Who & What - U have so - Chosen to BE -

Choose Wisely -there-fore -
thine expression of - Ones Self -
as a Person thru a human - being -

I AM & U R - GOD as LOVE -
being a sublunary - mortal Being -
thru a tellurian finite - human Life form -
a Spirit of Energy controlling - a body of matter -
an - Eternal Being - Divinely - being a Person -

BE Happy & give - LOVE often in LIFE -
and U will come to - Realize that GOD -
thru - LOVE - as - ENERGY - is U being -

KWATE3L < ~ >

Dimash does an excellent job -
in artistically presenting the human condition -

KWAPELL7 6 Jan 23

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I love Dimash’s voice and I can see that this video jars’ the brain. But, it feels to ‘outer space’ for my taste.

it is a dramatic showcase of his incredible talents -
yet as U say it may not suit everyone's musical palette -

U may then perhaps Truly enjoy his performance of -
"Love is like a dream" as critiqued by this vocal coach -

and U might - as well enjoy this groups version of - Edward Cohens -
"Hallelujah" performed by a Capello group called - Pentatonix -

Both - R exceptional in their - Beauty - Depth & expression -

Namaste - that which is - Divine & Eternal -

@KWAPELL7 no offense meant ok, its just that he comes across as gnostic too, and just as stuck on himself? You don't have any questions, only answers?

@bbyrd009 good question? My problem is, I don’t feel grounded with this vision to go beyond.

@bbyrd009 No offense taken - I would presume he has been stuck on himself for most of his Life - thus allowing him to NOT be restricted limited nor confounded by the musical - ideologies - established form - manner & style of articulation parameters - as established & promulgated by most - ALL other - music & vocal - "professionals"-

What questions would I have -

I - Recognize - Acknowledge & Accept -
that which I AM - as an - Individuation of GOD -
a Soul of LOVE - a Spirit of ENERGY - a Being of LIFE -
being One Self as a Person thru a finite human Life form -

Namaste - that which is Eternal - Divinely being finite -

@Freedompath me too, although i guess ungrounded is allowed sometimes lol

@KWAPELL7 that just seems to so easily turn into a cult of self?


Why can't these religion babblers understand that WeIRd CapitaIzIng anD SpeLLing just makes the bullshit nature of what they claim more obvious?

Why don't they just go somewhere else.

It's pointless getting into a thread with this poster; it just descends into endless new age twaddle babble.

if U would bother to thoroughly elucidate read & analyze the post -
U will find - NO - "religion" of ANY human culture contained there-in -

yet in answer to your nescient comment -
the primary reason that I post to ANY site -
is to encourage those with a - functioning brain -
who R capable of thought filled contemplation to - analyze -
& examine - discern & ascertain - the Truth of their - "reality" -

providing those who have been and may still be stuck in their -
cultural & religious - "teachings & beliefs" - or indoctrination -
an opportunity to use their latent Mental acuity to conclude -
by applying Logic Ration & Reason the answers to such questions -

Who & What am I & Why am I here -
What is the purpose - reason meaning & function -
of occupying such temporal physical human LIFE form -

as to the " bullshit nature" being made "more obvious" -

please then do use your amazing powers of discernment -
regarding such "bullshit" as U claim is stated in the postulate above -
and show us how educated & enlightened U R by confuting ANY part of it -

and NO - U R NOT - the Authority on - how I use Capitalization -
nor how I articulate my Self - in ANY - manner way shape or form -
if U cannot read the - ENGLISH - words written & contained there-in -
then I would suggest U cease attempting to be a member of such groups -
as they tend to make use of such "big words" and thought inducing ideas -


U have as yet to demonstrate in - ANY - way shape manner or form -
your mental acuity allowing U to refute &/or confute - ANY - aspect -
of the postulates other than your percieved grammatical peculiarities -

so please proceed in confuting or refuting the - Validity & Veracity -
of what I have stated & proclaimed to be the TRUTH of U as a human - being -

@KWAPELL7 might I suggest a course in English punctuation would be of benefit. When U -- write-- English in a

-- punctuated --- FORM -- which does

---:RELATE to natural patterns of HUMAN speaking tone or stress

--- IT is pretentious AND


Also, rational response to new age gibberish is a language skill beyond me.

is "confute" even a word? Doesnt "refute" work fine for that?

@bbyrd009 yes confute is a word - with a separate and distinct - definition -
below R their - definitions meaning and use - as provided by Google -

*** con·fute

pronounce /kənˈfyo͞ot/


prove (a person or an assertion) to be wrong.
"restorers who sought to confute this view were accused of ignorance"

*** refute


prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or false; disprove.
"these claims have not been convincingly refuted"

@KWAPELL7 ha, so you're kinda helping make my point above eh? Which will i guess surely be imp for you to see, no offense there, we all go noseblind so to speak, but maybe you have a friend that you could read through their eyes for a sec?

@bbyrd009 - might I suggest that U do the same -

confute - prove (a person or an assertion) - wrong -
refute - prove (a statement or theory) - wrong -

thus I AM asking the (refuter/confuter) to do - Both - 🙂

@bbyrd009, @David1955 - in response to your comment -
"Why don't they just go somewhere else."

U will find - that if One bothers to look -
I as GOD - exist EVERY where -

@KWAPELL7 oh, so you're god now? Which one? No, you'll just say all of them. What about all the conflicting theologies? No, you'll just say that's our fault. Well, your omnipotence, kindly do something for the world. No, wait, you'll just say we've got free will. So, why do need you if we've got free will? No, you'll just say we need your cosmic guidance. So, isn't that inconsistent with free will? No, wait you'll just come up with some bullshit to try to reconcile that. Jeez, I feel like I've been hearing and neutralizing this religious crap for over half a century. Oh wait! I have.

@David1955 - I AM Very glad to see that U R fed up with all the "religious" bullshit -

now kindly apply that very same - intellectual acuity -
to parse & disseminate - analyze & examine - contemplate -
the information provided in the postulate above - and thus determine -
the - Validity & Veracity - of what I have proclaimed to Be - the TRUTH of U -

U will note in the process of your perusal of the post -
that not once - have I enjoined U or any other to "believe me" -
nor have I encouraged U or ANY other - to except blindly what I say -

in fact - I have asked - explicitly & repeatedly - of my posts readers -
that they use their own innate powers of - Logic Ration & Reasoning -
to formulate their own conclusions as to the - reality of the their illusion -


"U will find - that if One bothers to look -
I as GOD - exist EVERY where -"

Your assertion, without evidence. Your words.

@KWAPELL7 Any statement you make, unless specified otherwise, implies the expectation and admonition that others should accept/believe the statement. "I am an excellent driver" is a claim just as "I am god" is, and both are subject to evidence.

My powers of logic, rationality, and reason have evaluated your claims, and categorized them as "bullshit." If you disagree, you need to provide evidence. No one has proven anything is divine or eternal.

@David1955 Yes David - they R most certainly - my words -
and they R as TRUE today as they ever were & - forever will BE -
U R just as EVERY thing else in the physical realm is - ENERGY -

I as GOD exist in ALL things thus - I AM Omnipresent -
which means that I AM as well - Omnipotent & Omniscient -
the "evidence" of my Essence and existence is - in ALL things -

the pics below should clearly illustrate the handiwork of - GOD to U -
yet if One cannot see the Beauty & Divine Majesty of - GOD in his Creation -
than for such Being many more times of Life will be - required for Awakening -

@David1955, @1BrentMichael - apparently your studies of physics R rather limited -
or non existent - as such your level of mental acuity is far below the standard required -
to accurately contemplate & evaluate any matter or discussion involving such issues -

furthermore as to your claim that - any statement I make -
should automatically & without question - be accepted as Truth -
is in Fact the "bullshit" as I have constantly - yet not consistently -
published within most all of my postulates - this statement or a variation there-of -

refute - confute or deny - that which ye R able -
analyze & examine - determine & conclude -
for Ones Self - the Truth of - Who & What U R -

@KWAPELL7 oh you are a tiresome new ager. I'm not going to bother any more with your silly posts, so don't reply to me. The novelty of poking fun at your waffly badly punctuated pseudo religion has worn off. Goodbye. Have a good life. @1BrentMichael

@David1955 - Thank U and I will not - if U do not -
unto U as well may Life be as U so - Percieve this "reality" -

Namaste - Energy as Life being - One Self -
thru a finite - form there-of - dwelling there-in -

@David1955 He also doesn't read well, "your claim that - any statement I make -
should automatically & without question - be accepted as Truth" - not only do I not believe you have ever made such a claim, but if anything, you have made the opposite claim.

We R not dumb enough to fall for this drivel.

@1BrentMichael Quite!

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