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I usually just pray to the porcelain god.

DougPence 4 Jan 31

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I guess Hinduism would be lumped in with Judaism.

Buddhism though would be "mumbling to yourself" lol.


and with Islam, you also have very dubious 'pleasure(???)' of catching a few whiffs of the bum of the person in front of you as well....LOL.
Conversation after prayers, (LOL),
"Hey, Abdullah, you ate grilled goat with garlic, onions, beans, cabbage with rice done in sheep's milk for Dinner last night, didn't you?
"Yes, effendi Ahmed, I did, how do you know?"
"Abdullah, you farted 5 times in my face during prayers, that's how I know."


@ DougPence As well as making regular offerings of both liquid and solid form also I hope....LOL.


This is a brilliant observation. Maher nailed this.


And now for something completely different, a least the wall and floor exist. 🙂 POV thing.


Is that after you pray to the cup or the plate?

Ususlly the bottle, lol.




Religions don't pray they prey.

barjoe Level 9 Jan 31, 2021

The average religious person probably couldn’t get that one.

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