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Democrat Vs. Democrat: The Fight Between Progressives And Centrists...

phxbillcee 9 Apr 14

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We need money because the energy billionaires are spending millions of dollars to subvert our government. They are running the republican and libertarian parties for their own good. These robber barons are doing everything they can to prevent the government from spending money on the welfare of the people. If you have not read the book Dark Money please do so. The koch brothers and other billionaries are doing everything they can not to spend a dollar on the welfare of the people and to make more money. These people are sick and money is their sickness.They are willing to kill the planet just to have more money. These billionaries pose more of a threat to the USA than Russia,

They pose a threat to the whole world!


We need more progressive Democrats. Centrist Dems really don't want to win.corporate Dems not needed...time to move on.

I wish I thought a third party would be viable. I'd like to separate from both major parties & leave them to their lobbyists!


Leave the Democratic National Corporation to the center right. They want to keep losing, let them. Meanwhile we should be building something better without them. #demexit


Erm because these lawmakers are corporate shills and don't represent or even understand their constituents?

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