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Trump made deals with the Sunni Muslim nations and Israel to contain Iran who is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. This policy contributed a lot to stability there. Biden on the other hand seems intent on undoing all this and going back to the idiotic Iran deal. Doesn’t make any sense at all to me!

Trajan61 8 Feb 6

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I would prefer to make a deal with Iran directly in order to prevent a strike on the country by an adversary as Israel did in the past. I opposed the Trump deal with the Saudi's as they are our allies militarily, but not ethically. Interesting that you posted this here where I can respond to you as you have blocked me from your groups Conservative Atheists. Making sense to you is difficult as anyone who disagrees with you is an "idiot", your favorite adjective. The Saudi's are the antithesis to democracy. Sheik's in control by virtue of colonial Britain assigning them the leadership. Sunni's are the wealthy ruling class where no one is a citizen unless 6 generations are born there. A 16th century government. To quote someone, "Doesn't make sense to me".

Appeasing Iran will likely work just like appeasing Hitler did before world war ll. The Saudi’s at least are not sponsoring terror groups like Hezbollah and Hama’s!

@Trajan61 You could be correct. But you do not know that. Iran wants the sanctions lifted. Trust but verify as Reagan said. He made a deal with Iran if I remember correctly as I do. Saudi's are promoting terrorism in countries nobody cares about as Yemen & Somalia. We make a deal with Iran that sticks terrorism is reduced. Make a deal with the Saudi's & Putin like murders occur. Jared's Sheik permits women to drive now. Isn't that progress? Sarcasm. Hamas was "elected" by the Occupied Gaza. Hama's proves that the elected gov't of Gaza is a terrorist organization. No argument there with me. Iran is a more democratic gov't than Saudi Arabia. I will take democracy always over Kings & Sheiks. We lost Iran by imposing the Shah upon the people. We are very selective in our support of democracies. Our past support of despots comes back to haunt us still.

@Mooolah The Sunni Muslims and Israel are afraid of Iran having nuclear power and I don’t blame them. Trump made deals with them to contain Iran and brought stability to the Middle East. I hope Biden doesn’t undo all this progress with his idiotic Iran deal.
If Iran develops nuclear weapons I’m sure the Saudi’s will have them before long as well. If we lift the sanctions on Iran and go back to the Iran deal we had before they will have more money to sponsor terrorism and stir up trouble in the Middle East. It makes no sense at all to me.

always looking for the Boogeyman @Trajan61


Going back to the Iran deal helps to sell weapons? If yes you have your answer.


Yeah, we'll just take your word for that, lol.

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