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A Christopher Hitchens biography is underway even though his widow is against it


TimeOutForMe 8 Feb 6

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Sad to read Hitch brother is enabling the inept young writer paid by publisher NORTON ....THIS article itself is ripe with vague misleading labels.... "polemicist" is a xian lie against Hitch when American Atheist Citizen by choice is most factual


Stephen Perry is an excellent biographer ethical and Atheist.... someone @ Vanity Fair could be honest and true about Hitch filling the void of real Atheism after the quadruple murder triple kidnapping extortion from American Atheists beheadings and months of raping took courage for Hitch to switch from bon vivant writer to world Atheists leader


Zero biographers of great Atheists like Lincoln or Ingersoll Dr Madalyn Eads Murray O'Hair or Hitch have proven themselves honest and genuine Atheists themselves.....takes one to know one..... Hubert Henry Harrison is an exception to the xian greedy liars of academe....perhaps white xian racists were too busy making up gawds to spew lies against the ,HARLEM RENAISSANCE 100 years ago

Langston Hughes Professor John. G Jackson A. PHILLIP RANDOLPH many great Black Atheists organized the March SET THE STAGE microphone cameras for MLKJr 1963


Interesting... he was certainly a man of the world. But if family and friends don't contribute, it will probably be limited.


I hope it will be accurate and objective. He had a lot of enemies, as we all do.

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