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What the hell happened to my levels? I used to be a 7.2, and now I am back down to a 5.2. What gives?

VAH1979 5 Feb 7

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Bernie gave some of your points to someone who had less than you.


You get points for being active . If a post you responded to is removed , you also lose those points . If groups you are in , have been inactive and the groups are removed , you also loose what ever points you had accumulated while in those groups . Good luck , Hon .


They have this disclaimer on the levels and points... "Note: some content is reviewed so points may change"

But the question is "Did you get your shirt?"

How many points do I need to get a πŸ‘•?


Please visit your profile and scroll down. All answer are there.

But the question is "What's the rush?"

@St-Sinner Thanks but I'm not rushing, it was a simple question.


I sometimes get when i go to answer an adult post that I am not at certain level to do that mean while i am already 2 levels above what is sent go figure,that is the only glitch i have had and it is a rarity


Are you only here for something so trivial as points??

Having to push that rock back up.....gets demoralizing

There are perks that come with points.


They just don't like you, did you not read the demerit clause in your orintation???


I just made level 9. I knew I was close, looked one day and was 8 points away. The next day I was 4000 plus points over.
It has been glitchy to say the least.

Usually on the upper levels since there are really no more perks they add a bunch of points to your count as a bonus ,it is random what a person receives,not sure how they calculate it or they just hrow a dart ,It probably happened when you reached level 8 also

Congrats on Level 9 ,I made it in mid December ,was a goal ,but now ,not about points anymore ,just having fun

I think that happens because they have an upper limit on the 5 points you get for people commenting on your post. When you hit certain milestones, they raise that limit. For instance for level 8 the limit was 20,000., but when I hit level 9 they upped it to 100,000. So, all of those points that I had been getting for people commenting but that weren't counting now suddenly count again.


The admin giveth, the admin taketh away....

Almost like god....hmmmm....


Maybe you're going to hell.


Hmm. I’ve been at 7.1 for about a year and a half now. It never moves.

somewhat similar here. Up to about 7.3, so inching upward. As long as the functionality is there, I try not to care one way or the other.

@kmaz yep, I’m not worrying about it. I just noticed it moving, moving, moving, and then suddenly not moving any more. It’s more curiosity than anything.


Yes, that's about how I see it.

I'd be curious to know if they ding us in our points if we use the block feature a lot. I have decided to use it what seems to me like a fair amount.

I have been level 8 for almost a year and a half, it moves, but very slowly. All I want to know, is there cake?


I think when I di d nt visit site for month or so that happened.


@VAH1979, @Tinocca website is frustratingly glitchy.

In posts, numbers and words have been deleted for the past year. I experience this with every post. "Daughter" and numbers are constantly deleted.

To contact Customer Service:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Learn tab, above.

  2. Click on Contact.

Good luck!

Only noticed it on one occasion last weekend, but I had to replace a word in the title of the same post twice.


This is a very good question and I do not have an answer.

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