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If the last person to die on Earth is a Funeral home mortician, who would bury the survivors?

Word 8 Feb 17

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You could go to jail for burring survivors.


Nobody. The only survivor will die and nobody to bury her/him. And it's quite sadistic to bury the survivors...😅🤣😂😄😆😅🤣


A variation on old joke and I like this one better: A plane crashed exactly on the US and Canadian border. All people on board died. Should the survivors be buried on in the US or Canada?

Or even this one: If a rooster sat the very top of a pitched roof and laid an egg, which way would the egg roll?

What sort of place was that, a town or a village ?

It would roll into the hand of a nobel prize winning biologist of course.

@Fernapple In the wilderness, no town.

@Fernapple Clever you!

@Gwendolyn2018 Yes but you wrote a 'place'. I would think that a jet powered town would make a much bigger hole than a piston engine village. LOL

@Fernapple TYPO!

I fixed it.


Why would you bury survivors?

Good point, but who survived if mortician dies last?

@Word but that wasn’t the question?

@Canndue there is a reason why it is in the "silly, random, fun" section. It's a silly question?


Rot in place.


That would be the crows and ravens.


Does the , " last person to die, " imply immortality for the rest of them ? If so , there will be lots left to bury or cremate that one . If it means there are no other humans left alive , good old mother nature will decompose the remains .


Who buried people before there was such a thing as a mortician? You don't need to get embalmed to get your dead carcass put in a hole and covered up with dirt. (Holds down the smell.)


Who closes the door after the bus driver gets off?

The back door


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