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i am a user of since is banned where i live. this morning i woke and logged in to the usual tab to find my self inside of
any thoughts on how had that happened? merci!

Basem 7 Feb 21

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They are sister sites.


Where do you live ?

the fucked up middle east

Damn I’m sorry! I get frustrated being Pagan in a Christian country, but then I think it could be worse - I could live in a Muslim country! Yikes


I just typed in out of curiosity (haven't visited that twin sister site in a while) and while the URL remained the same, the the top banner graphic said "" in purple instead of the usual green of, so maybe it's just a graphic error.

interesting! a graphic error got me to the banned website.. i like such errors though!

@Basem You were (or are) on the same website, if the URL is the same as what you intended, it just may have seemed to be a different website because of the graphic. Either way, they are almost identical sites in content, from what I understand. I am on the agnostic site mostly because that's where I first landed and I like the purple color better than the green, even though I consider myself a humanist more than an agnostic. It's all good though!


Question not your Good Fortune, instead, embrace it and hold it dear.
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thank you for the kind words


No idea. Hey, welcome aboard anyway. There are humanist categories here also.

thank you sir


This reminds me of the way many people in high school used to access MSN web messenger after the sys admins attempted to block it. Though search engine links and typing the URL directly (webmessenger . msn . com if memory serves) were blocked, someone figured out that typing the servers ip address directly into the address bar circumvented the block. So naturally, you can guess what all us teenagers did lol.

In your case, I would guess a similar thing. Though the firewall (if we want to borrow that term) is on the lookout for the agnostic URL, the IP address must not be bad-listed. Or is hosted out of a a different IP which ends up in the same place.


Welcome! Pull up a chair and lets have a talk with everyone.


On your profile where I can view. It show you on humanist

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i've been on this portal since almost the beginning of 2018!! boy!!


Hello and welcome. They are sister sites one nested inside the other, so that members of one can see posts made by members in the other, we have been seeing your posts comments for a while. Funny old world is it not.


No idea, just enjoy being here and take care.

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