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How do you spell "stupidity"? ...... "Abbott"...., oh wait, maybe its "Texas". Ah what the hell, same difference. Lol.

t1nick 8 Mar 3

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Abbott’s one of the more sensible governors in the US. We should be trying to get rid of tyrants like Cuomo and Newsom.


Here is the strange thing about masks in Texas. A few days ago I met a Texas man in a local Walmart who claimed you do not go anywhere without a mask in Texas. Next, Abbott eliminates the mask order and in the same Walmart I met another Texas man who said how glad he was. He claimed nobody wore them anyway. States aside, I think this is why America is having so much trouble with the pandemic.


Yesterday, you could add Moore to the list of alternatives for the word stupid. If every liberal were to behave like him and Oberman, the republican wouldn't need to demonize democrats!


Most of the population of Texas is not affected by his order. Counties, schools, and businesses all are still going to require masks in order to enter. It will no longer have the force of law, but business in Texas has a very strong legal standing to determine who is and who is not allowed into their establishments.


Other states should ban the entry of travelers from TX


Not all Texans are ok with this decision. #Ihateithere is trending on twitter in a response to Abbott's decision.

Texas has a long history of racist policies.

@CuddyCruiser Yes. Half my extended family lives there.


As the Cajuns like to say--the only difference between a coon-ass and a dumb-ass is the Texas State Line! Actually, I shouldnt be so judgemental. Modern Texans are too diverse to stereotype. And Texas, like California and Florida, has become a population magnet for people from all over.




@CuddyCruiser He's a Cuban-Canadian, not bred in Texas

@glennlab I know. But he lives there now, so I consider him part of it.


Yeah, missensumthing is following suit. 🤯


Actually it’s Evangelical.

We even got a troll on here from Texas. Many here have went at it with him.


They’ll vote for Abbott again. Just like they did Rick Perry, another religious whackjob.


"Texan" refers to one stupid person , when "Texas" refers to a group of stupid people.


I would say that not all Texans are stupid, but then I remember I tell people that I escaped from Texas instead of saying that I moved away.

I am stealing that! It sounds so much more truthful than “I moved away”!! 🤣
Especially when talking about Texas!!!!

@Redheadedgammy So did you escape or did you move? Just trying to be a smart ass.


I think it is up to all the people who now have the freedom to kill themselves to learn to spell this word. The people of Texas are now at the apex of the experiment to see just how many people can be culled from this society. Please let them all be conservatives and prove their stupidity by not being smart enough to live.


You don’t like personal responsibility???
Individuals must be forced to feel the way you do about masks???

Now..... Can you give me the definition of fascism???

@t1nick That’s an opinion. Can you give a definition though?
I’d ❤️ a definition.

@CourtJester Fascism and Nazism were essentially the same civil liberties, state sanctioned religion, the head of state is the voice of “God”, persecution of minorities.

It’s basically the same thing as communism. Except in a communist country, all businesses are owned and run by the government, no one allowed to run a business for profit. In Nazi Germany, business owners loyal to Hitler continued to own and run their businesses. But they had no freedom, were told what to manufacture and how much to charge.

Court Jester: Do you stop at red lights & Stop signs every time, or only when you feel like it? Why/whynot?

Yes. Because people are being put at risk of death. If masks only protected the individual wearing it, it would be one thing. But, they protect others, especially the vulnerable. I'm sorry there are people who believe the misinformation or think it's a religious or political statement.

@OldMetalHead But, this is what happens when people mistake paint chips for potato chips and eat them for 10 years.......Or maybe tried eating soup with a knife.

From fascism (1) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

No one has to feel the way I do about masks any more than they are forced to feel the way I do about a lot of things. The difference is that masks protect the community from a potentially deadly disease. Refusing to wear one in public isn't about personal responsibility, but about a lack of concern for the community. You may be fine, but others you infect may not be.


I am posting on my business fb page about our choice to continue wearing masks for the safety of our clients.

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