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Feeling quite lucky today! My "Buy it for looks, buy it for Life" Moen faucet neck broke off in my hand (absolutely No forcing, ever) after less than years. I have replaced plenty of faucet sets in my 47 years in this house, But the getting-up & down thingy is not so easy nowadays, so i looked on our local website for a handyman. He said he was working in my town today & would stop to assess the job when he finished. When he called back, i started to give my location, and as soon as i mentioned the name of my street he informed me he had had an altercation with a customer here & was enjoined from going Anywhere on my street! Not 100 yards from them/their house, as in a "normal" restraining order, but this entire street! Pretty glad he isn't coming here!!!!!!

AnneWimsey 9 Mar 4

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Products across the board are not well made anymore. I'm especially disappointed at the quality of clothes and furniture.

Most of my major appliances are close to 30 years old and working fine. Most of my clothes and shoes are close to 20 years old, and still going strong. So I don't know too much about new stuff! LOL

@Barnie2years my Maytag washer is over 50 years old, inherited from my in-laws...not one service call, ever.

@AnneWimsey but they are made not to last now makes me mad
my granny complained about a knife she bought for a nickel when she got married and it was getting thin in the place she had been cutting with for 50 yrs ....she wanted her money back but the store owner was dead....silly i know but its something i remember fondly now in our throw away world




I have a Pfister pull out. The hose was wearing out on the outside. I called them up to order the part, they sent it to me for free. I’ve had the faucet for at least ten years. Lifetime guarantee. I think you dodged a bullet with your handyman though.

Moen gal that answered the phone was downright Hostile....def a feeling of "how dare i complain". But yeah,that guy must have acted Nuts to get that kind of restraint, and since i know how to do the job, and how i want it done,, & have done it several times myself (plenty of Teflon tape & plumbers putty, please) he would no doubt have"gone off" on me too.....


I wish I was in the neighborhood. I think I can still do it

How lovely of you to say! I have the Teflon tape, the plumber's putty, the basin wrench, even a bolster to lay on.....just that pesky getting back up stopping me!

@AnneWimsey yes, it’s the getting up and down that can be challenging

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