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‎Friday, ‎March ‎19, ‎2021

U R not merely a human animal being a - Person -
U R an Eternal Being - Divinely being a - Creature Creator -
U R the Person that U have so Chosen to - Know thy Self AS -
for U R & I AM - Souls of Love - Spirits of Energy - Beings of Life -

I AM & U R - as ALL is - ENERGY -
as Individuations of - GOD being -
an infinite number of - LIFE forms -

as such is - GOD the ENERGY - that comprises - LIFE Eternal -
thus is GOD - Omnipotent & Omniscient - by being Omnipresent -
so it is that - We R ONE - with that which is - All things & No thing -

there-fore go forthe - Knowing thine - Essence & Origin -
Nature & Being - as the Quiditty of GOD - being One Self -
as the Person U have Chosen to exemplify - thru a human -

refute dispute confute or deny - that which ye think to be wrong -
analyze & examine - discern & ascertain - contemplate & conclude -
that which is - True for U - as an - Eternal Being - Divinely being human -

Namaste - that which is - GOD as ENERGY - being - Ones Self -

Recognize - Accept & Acknowledge - thine - Essence & fons et Origo -
Awaken unto and become Aware of - the - Divine Nature of thy Being -
Concentrate & Concieve of - Construe & Construct - Manifest & Realize -
BE the Person that U so desire & aspire to - Know One Self experientially AS -

that which One gives - Freely and with Love -
ye shall recieve in return - an abundance there-of -
there-fore give Love freely and - Live Life more fully -
in so doing & being shall ye - Know GOD experientially -

KWATE3L < ~ >

KWAPELL7 6 Mar 20

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What is the little critter in the first picture?



I Love that songs lyrics - melody & message -
as it accurately reflects so many aspects of GOD -

@WilliamCharles - Dimash presents a Magnificent perspective of Spirit in this song -


Spare me.

do not worry Dyl1983 - U won't be spared -
for - ALL of LIFE is ENERGY - as GOD being -
thus it is that U cannot be removed there-from -


I am an evolved animal identified as human 😊

indeed We R -

yet the human animal that We -
inhabit - animate - direct & control -
is but a physical biologic electro-chemical -
body of {matter mass liquid & gas} reacting to -
the Will & Intent - Desires & Choices - of Ones Self -

Namaste - that which is Energy - as Life being -


The cute animal photos brings to mind the movie "Creation" and how life is shaped by the countless deaths and suffering and struggle species experience. It's as if if there were a God, it relishes so much continual misery and cruelty.


"The movie Creation is important because it shows Darwin as a man, a deeply thoughtful man, filled with compassion and fears over the implications, as well as the reception, of his revolutionary ideas. One striking scene from Creation follows the death and decomposition of a young bird. In another part of the movie, Darwin tries to comfort his children after they witness a fox killing a rabbit. Creation is not oblivious to what can seem like the brutality and pointlessness of an evolutionary view of the world. But rather than portraying Darwin as a blood-thirsty Hobbesian relishing a world red in tooth and claw, the film presents his empathy and sad acceptance of a world imbued with so much suffering."


GOD does not cause suffering but rather simply allows it -
as such is an aspect of the functionality of the relative realm -
One cannot be - Right if there is No wrong - No Good without Bad -
it is up to the humans to determine what is more prominently expressed -

it is primarily the human species that has caused - the most suffering -
destruction - devastation - decimation - and Death of Natures creations -
yet ALL species - must now face the - detrimental consequences there-of -

* Warning these images portray the wanton cruelty of "humans" - Not Nature or GOD -
they boil the dogs alive because they believe the stress makes the meat more tender -
such is the conscious willfull despicable - demented & depraved - thoughts & deeds of MAN -


It is better to have people think you are a fool, then to open your mouth and prove it to them. - Words you need to begin living by.

it is better to listen to & heed - Wisdom -
and thus Live in - Peace & Harmony -
than to follow a society of fools -
Choosing to Be - Nescient -


Somehow, hip techy abbreviations like "U R" take the Enlightenment out of the message…

it as all others R used -
not as - "hip techy abbreviations" -
but simply as apt & recognizable - abbreviations -


Mice and turtles do not laugh or smile. You are believing in belief, you are deluding yourself with fantasies that can only produce a false hope, they have no substance.

choosing to remain nescient of something - does NOT -
make it - "a fantasy - false hope nor devoid of substance" -
it simply means that U have Chosen to remain willfully Ignorant -
of such subject matter - as your moniker clearly & prominently states -

as to - "Mice and turtles do not laugh or smile"
I suppose then that the dogs being boiled alive in the pictures above -
don't really scream in - agony & pain - while they R being tenderized -
of course U would be right - because their mouths R taped shut -

@KWAPELL7 Dogs being tortured has nothing to do with your delusion of mice and turtles laughing and smiling. You are believing in belief, you seem to be stuck in a "Disney" world where animals, teapots and candlesticks, and other childish nonsense talk and interact with people, THAT is true ignorance. Grow up already.

@nogod4me - well then human - R U then implying -
or emphatically stating that mice & turtles cannot "smile or laugh"
yet dogs screaming in agony from being boiled & burned alive -
R capable of expressing an emotion - albeit opposite of smiling -

U must lead a very sheltered Life -
if at this stage in your human evolution -
U R still unable to concieve of animals other than human -
expressing & experiencing - pain & sorrow - or being - Happy & Sad -

your extreme levels of willfull nescience -
regarding your perception & perspective of Life -
have not served u well - and may lead U to express -
further such stupefying statements - Evolve already !! -

@KWAPELL7 Physical pain is not emotion, you can be emotional about physical pain, but it is not emotion. The fact that you go to that degree of self-deception shows that you are deluding yourself.

Mice and turtles are not capable of laughing or smiling. You keep spouting that everyone else is ignorant when you yourself are ignorant and pushing ignorance.

In order to "know" you have to have knowledge, in order to have knowledge you have to have evidence. Believers believe without evidence producing knowledge, atheists accept the knowledge evidence produces. That is why atheists demand proof in order to obtain knowledge and believers, like you, demand belief in order to sustain faith. It is insanity to accept belief over reality.

The way you write proves you haven't evolved, you are simply expressing your beliefs and ignorance in an obscure and childish way in order to hide your ignorance.

Just because you believe something doesn't make it true.

@nogod4me - U lead me to assume U have never owned -
or cared for an animal - (other than a human animal) -

why don't U go on some animal lovers website -
and spout your ludicrous & absurd claims that animals -
don't have and/or can't express - "emotions and/or feelings" -

lets see if U mentally survive the onslaught of - rage & excoriation -
and if U per chance U do mange to survive mentally - U will no doubt -
have to most certainly contend with those threatening to end your Life -

just because U don't acknowledge something - does not make it illusory -

@KWAPELL7 You need to listen, you are living in your own delusional world. I have not mentioned animals having emotions or not.

I corrected your ignorance: "Physical pain is not emotion, you can be emotional about physical pain, but it is not emotion. The fact that you go to that degree of self-deception shows that you are deluding yourself."

And also: "Mice and turtles are not capable of laughing or smiling. You keep spouting that everyone else is ignorant when you yourself are ignorant and pushing ignorance."

I hope you realize that the mouse and turtle in the pictures you posted are created by an artist, and are not real.

@nogod4me -

I NEVER stated - that Physical pain was an - "emotion"
I attempted to correct your - ignorance regarding -
an animals ability to - smile and/or laugh -

lets see if U can work your way thru this -
what causes the electro-chemical signal -
that triggers the muscles in your face to -
"smile" - if not an "emotion" - "thought or feeling" -
all of which R intangible - aspects of ENERGY -
manifesting thru a tangible - form of LIFE -

thus the pain & suffering - inflicted upon & felt -
by the dogs as they were being - cooked & butchered alive -
is a reaction to tangible stimuli & - Mental & Emotional trauma -

try it sometime - take a torch and burn your finger -
try to make it at least - medium rare to well done -
and see if the physical stimuli does not cause an extreme -
emotional response as well as an agonizing physical reaction -
if U R able - let me know the results of such intriguing experiment -

I suppose these pics R all photo-shopped as well -

and if Tigers can't smile - then they certainly can't snarl either -
which is about the dumbest statement a human could make -
if U still believe U R correct - try petting a snarling dog or tiger -
let me know how that works out for U as well if U don't mind 🙂

@KWAPELL7 Your cult mind will misconstrue everything to fit your beliefs.

Again, physical pain is not emotion, physical pain can cause emotion (which you have finally admitted), but physical pain is not emotion. The fact that you go to that degree of self-deception shows that you are deluding yourself.

Let me put it this way: Do you believe that the laughing mouse and smiling turtle are real? Do you believe the tiger and chimp are friends? Do you believe the kitten sees itself as the adult tiger in the puddle?

Some animals can laugh in their own way, however, you are posting childish images that show them laughing like humans.

Rats Can Laugh—Provided You're Willing to Tickle Them

“Laughter as a whole and tickling-induced laughter in particular has always been something of a mystery. We are not the only species that does it. The other four great apes—gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and bonobos—appear to laugh, especially when they’re tickled. Dogs do too, though it’s more of a pant. Forget the hyena and the laughing kookabura of Australia. For the hyena, the signature vocalization is more a response to fear and for the Kookabura it’s a territorial call—nothing to laugh about here.”


None of the pictures that you have posted prove anything. I've known about the boiling and eating of dogs for some time and have taken action to stop it. That still doesn't prove your that your childish delusions and beliefs are correct.


When nothing becomes nothing within the vast emptiness of naught!!!

EVERY thing is ENERGY -
even the vast emptyness of space -
comprises - GOD as ENERGY - being -


Total Bull Shit!!!

Energy is nothing!!!

It does not have one plane or level or position that can be categorized as a true narrative!!!

It changes without any form of inclination or inclusion, it is ever evolving into other forms without reason or quest it flows like water finding the easiest path possible with limited or no containment!!!

@of-the-mountain -
how is it that so many Atheist & Agnostics -
are sooo Nescient of elementary physics & biology -

educate your Self - read up on the double slit experiment -
We as Beings of Energy - control the actions of such -


Do you think I really give a fuck about our biased shit!!

No only fuck no , but fuck know!!!

@of-the-mountain - then - why oh why - did U bother to reply -
your response is a prime example of - Willfull Nescience -
Ignorance is Bliss - untill One comes to - Realize Logic -


Why the fuck do you care!!!

It is all Bull Shit!!!

No really cares is the reality of it all!!

Was that your come to Jesus moment?

Your seems you are sure full of yourself!!!

You must enjoy fucking yourselves up the ass continually!!

My response was to an idiotic moronic fool who is played just like so many inept Jesus freaks!!



There is no evidence beings are eternal. That's just wishful thinking. Get a grip. Enjoy life. We are only here for a very short time.

Energy is Eternal - look it up - basic physics -
U R a Being of Energy - manifesting as a Person -
thru a tellurian & sublunary - human animal Life form -
briefly dwelling in a - relative realm of Time & Space -

@KWAPELL7 There is evidence energy could be eternal. There is no evidence "spirit" is energy. There is further no evidence "spirit" lives outside a living body. You are making assertions with no supporting evidence. You are trying to create a religion with you as head poobah. No sale bud.

@Normanbites -

it is basic math Normanbites
if Energy composes & comprises - EVERY thing -
which in Truth - Fact & Deed - it does manifest as such -
than in Truth - U R a Being there-of as One Self dwelling there-in -

the words "Spirit Soul Self Being" -
all denote - describe & designate - an Individuation of -
that which is - All things & No thing - being EVERY thing -

@KWAPELL7 A rock is made of energy, which might well be eternal. All matter is energy. so a rock is a form of energy. But is a rock eternal? The rock did not exist during the big bang. It probably didn't exist until after the earth formed. It might well have existed from the beginning of the earth. But after the earth is no more, will the rock exist? It's constituent energy will likely continue forever, but not as a rock.

In this way, our "spirit" is like the rock. It began to exist as a "spirit" sometime after our bodies began, it will exist until we die. But our "spirit" will likely die with our body and be a "spirit" no more.

In short, until you can prove a "spirit" exists outside a living body, you are simply full of shit.

Norman try to use just a little bit of that grey matter in your head -

if ENERGY is Eternal - which it is -
and the Rock is composed of such Energy -
how is it that U conclude in your mind -
that the Energy somehow becomes finite -
when the Rock gets disintegrated or destroyed -

again I would encourage U read up on basic physics -
and as well it might benefit U to read & comprehend the -
meaning & full definition of the words -"Energy & Eternal" -

in short - the Energy that composes the Rock is released -
back to its original form as a - wave and/or particle -
hence its Nature as being Eternal - and NOT finite -

the same is TRUE for ANY other - object in existence -
once the Energy that composes an - object is deconstructed -
the body shape form structure of its - material shell decomposes -
and the Energy from such object thus - returns to its original state -

tis better to be - "full of shit" -
than to be an - fully Nescient -

@KWAPELL7 The energy of the rock will continue to exist as another form of energy, but not as a rock. By extension, the energy of a spirit (assuming the unlikely that is a thing), will continue as another form of energy, but not as a spirit, possibly as a rock. However, your bullshit does seem to be eternal.


Cute pics, and yeah right. 🙄


Sure seems like a waste of perfectly good electrons....

that depends upon whose electrons R being wasted -
the readers - trying yet unable to comprehend the postulate -
or the writers - unwillingness to accept such general nescience -

@KWAPELL7 nice try, but claiming insight and understanding is not the same as insight and understanding. To some it up...


I love the pics, especially the first. The commentary, however, meh.


"The fool doth think he is wise,"
"The more pity, that fools may not speak wisely"
As You Like It, William Shakespeare

the fool that thinketh himself to be wise -
attempts to enjoin others into such nescience -
offering no proof of his proclamations & assertions -
using deceit - ignorance & Fear to ensure subjugation -

U will not find such willfull - nescience & deceit -
in my description - definition & depiction of Life -

@KWAPELL7 He who can but gainsay and accuse others of the faults he perceives in himself is a fool indeed.
As the Bard might put it
"An admirable evasion of whore-master man, to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star!"
King Lear Act one scene 2


Imagination is a wonderful thing in a hard life.
As an abused kid I coped with trauma by literally creating imaginary worlds where I could have one extraordinary modification. Like somehow shrinking down to the size of a G.I. Joe. The adventure was to try to discover every permutation of how best to leverage the situation to my advantage. Food for example would be cheap. A can of Pringles would last until they were stale. The point is I was happy there, and the savage beatings in the name of Jesus weren’t so important.
So, I remained as happy as I wanted to be.
Fuck the world.
I can imagine far more than I can achieve, just like when you disassociate yourself from yourself in Buddhism.
Eventually I learned to face my past, all of it.
I see it objectively now.
There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people. Enlightenment is organic and personal like sex but with a trillion parts of your experiences all agreeing to be consensual with one another. You’re becoming objectively aware of how to be happy, even if homeless, even if abandoned, even sick.
It is a tidal wave of suffering right now, and many are waking up.
The man that cuts firewood and carries water for a living has to do something after becoming enlightened, he’ll cut firewood and carry water. You’re just in control, even when you’re out of control.

a very difficult beginning leading to a very astute conclusion -

Thank U Willow_Wisp - for sharing such personal Life experience -


I thought
gave up on
Us 2 your


Artfully tasty literature saying you are a God, believe in yourself.

Not too weird, "people " have labeled themselves as gods for 1000s of years.

@Word mmm but pretending you have eternal life when there is no evidence...comes across as slightly delusional. I’ve met people that call themselves goddesses to celebrate themselves, but it was just a phrase acknowledging their self power in their lives.
There’s a lot more evidence that most of us will be extinct in a century 🙁

@girlwithsmiles Maybe he has evidence for his eternal life. Sure, I think it could be delusional to want eternal life considering I didn't ask for this one in the first place.

@Word funny old world isn’t it? Best wishes to you Word.

if that were true - what then would I do with all this time on my hands -
if I did not spend it diligently trying to pull the blinders from your eyes -
that U might see the Light shining within the Being that U R personifying -

so in short - NO - I have not yet decided to terminate this experiment -
yet in a time not to distant - such intervention will no longer be required -

Namaste - that which is the Energy - of Life - in Life - as Life - being

@Word I think the electrons which compose our neural network do transfer into new beings somewhere in this or another vibrating string. Since electrons seem to have an eternal presence I conclude that I do believe in it. That's all I got from KWAPELL's post so inclined to accept the post as poetic. I do understand the complaints of those who don't buy such things, though.

@rainmanjr - Thank U Rainmanjr - for applying such an open minded analysis -

@rainmanjr, @Word if U seek a definitive answer to such Eternal existence -
such answers may be found coming from within thy - Self Soul Spirit Being -
a quick easy & cheap method of acquiring such answers is thru Hypnotic regression -

seek our a qualified hypno therapist - ask them to take U back in time to your Birth -
and describe your time in the womb - then have them take U back - prior to human birth -
and into your previous time of Life - to then ask U Who U R & Where U R -

the entire session will be - recorded -
thus it will be the words from - your own mouth -
that U will have to deny or accept the - Truth coming from -

@KWAPELL7 might work

@KWAPELL7 Whomever I was is not who I am now. I would suppose these electrons evolve in some way so the past doesn't matter. Neither does the future, which is a hoax. Tao says time is a construct and I would assert that these electrons, themselves, are merely continuing their existence without changing form. They may evolve, in some way, but I would say it's more like when you turn the laptop back on. The neural network resumes its function.

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