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How many of you are stuck in a little place full of bible thumpers? I have a shirt that says "Thank god I'm an atheist" and you can imagine some of the looks I've gotten. Mostly from older people. Seems the atheist population is growing.

By UndeniablyMe6
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Brilliant I love it

LeighShelton Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

That is one kickass shirt!

so is yours lol

Love the slogan on the shirt!

@UndeniablyMe i had it made for me

@UndeniablyMe, @Santanaman9 thanks me too


I am.
And when I woke up and left my church, I lost every last friend I had as I only had friends in the church.
It was rough, but I couldn't go "public" with it.
I moved to AZ for 2 years. When I moved back to PA (4 hours west of Philadelphia), I only had long distance friends.
It's difficult to have conversations without their imaginary friend getting interjected, or a meal without a prayer (I don't fake it, I keep my eyes open the whole time). No matter how much reasoning you show them or demonstrate that they have ZERO evidence for any gods, they continue to live in fear of death being the end.
It's very sad, really.

Agamic Level 6 Apr 15, 2018

I agree, it is sad. They have no evidence and won't care to question anything. Not even the unicorn in the king James version of the bible. And I find that most do not know their bible very well.

Very true. I constantly point out to them the atrocious behavior and cruel laws this "god" supposedly put in the Bible.
Most have never seen any of those verses.


I used to work in a city (population about 23K) that wasn't necessarily full of Bible thumpers, but I saw a LOT of anti-abortion bumper stickers. Made me want to follow those people home and tell them to mind their own damn business. One idiot in the town had a car where the back was just covered with these stickers, you could barely see any paint. The dope went to another city in the state that has an abortion clinic; he had a gun and was going to shoot up the place. However being the inbred moron that he is, he was looking at the gun in his motel room and caused it to go off, and he got arrested before he was able to hurt anyone.

GilbertFreon Level 4 Apr 15, 2018

I'm very glad he didn't get to hurt anyone! It's scary how delusional people can get.


My heart goes out to you living in such a place, but at least you remind them that your spaghetti monster is bigger than theirs.
The influence of religion where I live is still very strong. Fortunately, there is a growing underlined drive for sanity to prevail.
Many ordinary people in this part of Britain simply cannot be bothered with religion, they were taught to pray and believe in the words of the King James Bible, and none of it seems to work.
And so now they pray to the gods dwell within their mobile telephones and worship at the temples of McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sofabeast Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

Yes...isn't it great to be part of the fastest growing group in the USA?.....the non-religious?

nicknotes Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

Damned right!


I just moved to Birmingham AL. My collection of Atheist T-shirts piss off everyone everywhere I go. I don't care. I don't give them attitude for wearing a cross or a T-shirt saying Bless.

paul1967 Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

That's exactly how I feel, too. I say nothing about crosses. And I find the shirt funny.


I live near The Villages in Florida.I am very familiar with the bible belt.I have a T-shirt that says " Science doesn't give a shit what you believe." and a FSM T that says "He boiled for your sins". I get nasty looks but, noone dares to approach me and preach to me.

J-F-C Level 3 Apr 16, 2018

I have another that says the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. People usually like that one


The Atheist population is growing because they took the Bible's advice and were logically fruitful and multiplied. smile001.gif

Silverwhisper Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

If I wore a shirt like that, I would more than likely get shot,and I am serious.

nvrnuff Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Here in the Bible Belt I wouldn't exactly say that I'm in the closet, but I certainly would not wear shirt like this in fear of the same outcome

@Kojaksmom I'm not in the closet, but I'm not wide open either.

@nvrnuff I'm not either, and I don't feel it's a necessity or mandatory.

I believe you. That's sad.

@Kojaksmom Where I'm at, the only time I speak of it is if I'm asked.I certainly don't get into any discussions either, because they don't want to discuss, they want to rant.


Yes I am stuck in such a place in a very rural farming area and working to get the hell out! I am not "out" as an Atheist here but when I do relocate in a few years I plan to be there. Yes our numbers are growing thankfully to the younger generations who are not blindly believing what they are told and choose to form their own opinions after looking over everything first.

misstuffy Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

I was for longer than I care to remember.
I like your T-shirt.
It's like when I wear my "Remember the Bowling Green Massacre" T-shirt around conservatives.
Sadly they normally don't know why it's funny because Fox News never addressed it.

Mortal Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I like your shirt, too!


When I first moved to this new town in Central PA I met a few people in the coffee shop and sat with them in the mornings for a few months until I got the point that they were all really bible thumpers and didn't like "my type". This is a very old fashioned village, more like the middle ages than 21st century. So I get in my car and travel around exploring by myself.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I come from Southern Missouri and live in the middle of Kansas. You can imagine what I go through lol

All too well


I've been stuck in a little place with socialists. About the same nasty, authoritarian mindset, and same guilt tripping.

moxy Level 4 Apr 18, 2018

Yea and I'm looking forward to completing my home rennoation so I can get out of here!

Tutankhamun Level 6 Apr 15, 2018

Aren't we all! Got the headquarters of two Protestant churches within 5 miles of me.

Stevil Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

No head offices but I have more then a dozen churches in a two miles of where I live.

@NoMagicCookie I've got just as many. Maybe it's the way Christianity is heading in this country, but most have signs posted NO TRESSSPASSING Keep out! In their parking lots and grounds. Had some boys looking for a place to shoot some hoops and the churches all ran us off.


I truly believe that its nobody's business but your own about your religious concerns. Wearing your shirt is tauntamont to wearing a yamulka,hijab, religious cowl. cone shaped white hat, or a masonic bib. You are alienating yourself from any form of discussion or constructive conversation and posing yourself as being above all of those whom see you as such.
The argument will go no where or leave one with a feeling of betterment.

Nevermind345 Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

I find the shirt hilarious. When I'm in a bigger place, of course I don't get looks. I'm open to people raising questions and of course I'm nice in my responses.


I live in a small town in central Pennsylvania. I'm not the only atheist, but there aren't many. There are a lot of people who I refer to as default christians. They believe because they've never really thought about it, and only go to church on holidays if they go at all.

The only thing default christians have in common with the regular variety is the certainty that they can fuck anyone over and be forgiven without repercussions.

JimG Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Since it's arrived, I wear my "Agnostic.com" t-shirt all over the place.
So far, no one has said anything to me. Haven't noticed any 'looks', but then, my eyes are bad, and I don't pay much attention to other people's expressions these days.
I'm kind of looking forward to having someone say something to me though.
That should be an interesting conversation. My little corner of the Bible Belt is chock full of believers.

KKGator Level 9 Apr 15, 2018

I am surrounded, 24/7.

nvrnuff Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

You'd get odd looks from me too as I tried to process the cognitive dissonance in that slogan.

RobAnybody Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

Spent 4 years in southeast OH. Which part of OH are you in? I've known some people of some very strong faith in the Ashland, Bucyrus, Mansfield area. Plus Columbus, but that guy was a NY state transplant.

LimitedLight Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

In darke county which is one hour North of Dayton


Yup afraid to say what I really want to say. That they are just sheep following what was shoved down their throats....

Freelance85 Level 4 Nov 28, 2018

I think Ireland comes under that heading.

Hanksie Level 5 May 7, 2018

Where can I get one of those shirts? 😎🤘

Mankind63 Level 4 May 2, 2018
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