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Fighting against Racism or For Political Correctness, etc,

Who reaps the benefits of ALL of this 'business' of fighting against things such as Racism, etc, etc?

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Triphid 8 Mar 27

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Those issues are important. But they are a sideshow compared to the main event which is the continued plundering of the treasury by the 1%. We are being robbed blind.

Agree they are a distraction, first world "problem" whilst the first world industrialists continue to happily use racist policy to ensure their superior status.


Awareness is the beginning of awareness, no change, ever.


While the media may benefit from the "business" of telling the stories of the friction between racism and political correctness, shining a light on the problems benefit the ordinary person, if the media is doing their job correctly and not corruptly. Those are my thoughts on it.


Customers are so forgetful.

History class exists because we continue to make the same mistakes despite being told in boringly explicit detail.


It benefits white supremacist just like everything else, it's what we mean when we say "systemic" in conjunction with the word racism..


@ZantiMisfit, may one asks as to why you elected to vote for A & C?
As I kind of see it, the biggest beneficiaries of these things ARE the Medias/Media Barons, followed as very Second by the Agitators with the C), the people on the ground reaping little or no TRUE benefits at all.

I was just typing my answer when you tagged.


I voted for the Media Barons mostly benefiting. PC crusades (and I'm including Woke/Social Justice campaigns) make a lot of noise and social media traffic.

But I believe you can be against racism and not be PC/Woke. Does that make sense?

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