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Is that a metric adjustable hammer or SAE adjustable hammer?

GeorgeRocheleau 8 Apr 2

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Grog like hammers. Hammers good. But some fool forgot to sharpen the plow end of that one.


I only buy wrenches that have english measurements on the right side and metric on the left. That way when I am told I need a left handed metric wrench I have one.


Looks like a crescent adjustable "hammer" to me!


It's an adjustable wrench and a few bumps will come loose as Murphey's law dictates.


That was confusing for a moment reading hammer and seeing spanner, tools eh? 😂

I think that may be intended as part of the joke, if not we will find out how honest George is prepared to be about mistakes. LOL

@Fernapple pretty saw he nicked it and noticed hence the comment about metric 😉
Do you know if ASE is what we would call, ‘imperial’? Seems a bit ironic for the US to still be using doesn’t it. Saw another post about the subject recently.

@Fernapple Anything can be a hammer.

@Fernapple, @girlwithsmiles For the most part, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is the same as Imperial.

@GeorgeRocheleau That's interesting to know, I did not know the initials.

I know that your pints are different, being a pound of water as opposed to our pound and a quarter. I wonder if there are any others ?

@Fernapple Agreed.

@GeorgeRocheleau ah, thanks for that 🙂

@Fernapple American thread types are different than British thread types. I think both are moving towards Metric, which makes it easier.

@GeorgeRocheleau I try not to use my head, banging my head against solid things hurts.

@dalefvictor Yes but it is nice when you stop.

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