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Sweet jesus o'mine!

Basem 7 Apr 3

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Driving home today listening to a Bluegrass station, on comes a song with the chorus "Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die"... Now that's pretty profound, don't you think? 😄

it is ...


Believe that is the actress Kathryn Hahn. She cracks me up.


"Jesus had a bad three-day weekend for your sins."

Sweet Zombie Jesus!


"Yep", says Jesus but as Arnie in the Terminator says, "I'll be back." LOL.


I was born on Easter but have decided to no longer pay homage to "holidays" that I no longer observe. Besides, it seems Jesus should have been happy to finally get nailed. hahaha.

Oh that's goooooooood.
We're both destined for the "Lake of Fire"....
You for posting it... me for blowing coffee snot when I read it. 😎☕👌

FREE tickets to the "Corporate Box" at the VERY FIRST EVER Nine Inch Nails Concert, well away from the crowed Mosh-pit, bird's eye view of the stage, would that NOT be something well worth the dying for....LOL.
PLUS having a re-run of it ALL for the next 2,000+ years, having INRI ( In Nominal Reserve Inperpetum) engraved upon your very own seat as well.

@bigpawbullets And me as well, at LEAST we ARE guaranteed of getting the very best seats in the house....LOL.

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