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Wildfire near Merritt grows to 839-hectares

A wildfire that sparked about 20 kilometres east of Merritt on Sunday is now considered out of control.

The blaze has grown to 839-hectares in size, since it started on April 4 in the area of Quilchena Creek.

According to the BC Wildfire Service, the blaze is predominately burning in grass, with a few sections of the fire burning in some steeper sections. There are 27 personnel on site and with aerial support from a helicopter for water delivery.

Lilac-JadeCanada 9 Apr 7

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Be careful

Oh yes, devout coward, ya know.


Uh Oh! Do keep out of danger.
I hope you hear that all the fires have been put out.
Let us know what happens.

I dread April to September.


Here's hoping they get it beaten and soon.
Yesterday here, we had the local Fire Brigade out about 25k ms from town putting a grass fire out for 3 and a half hours because some idiotic fire-bugs decided to start it.
They estimated that approx. 48 hectares of good feed for the sheep, etc, on the property was lost completely, thankfully No-one was hurt and no buildings, etc, were in danger.

Yes, great when nobody is hurt or worse, but fire season here is now April 1st to Sept. 30th, & getting worse & earlier starts every year. Many start with lightning, & we just had our first thunder & lightning storm an hour ago....sigh....

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