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It Just Does Not Stop Coming:

BirdMan1 8 Apr 7

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They must believe that their base is fickle and ignorant. Why don't they create Christian Yoga and call it "Bending Over For Jesus."


So, where are the christian alternative exercise programs? I mean ones that don’t end with crucifixion ...

good fruit doesn't come from bad trees indeed eh πŸ™‚

Yes, "start your day with 39 lashes, which will really heighten your senses and get the blood circulating then a short hike up a hill carrying a heavy lump of timber, hang out on that piece of timber for a few hours until you've shit your pants, then get yourself into a nice, dark, stone tomb so you just lay back and mediate, yep, Christfool Exercise Program for all....LOL.


Rename the yoga moves as calisthenics.


Maybe yoga mats should be confiscated and banned?


With each passing day there is always a little more to hate about Alabama.

There is good news - The Freedom From Religion Foundation has attained a huge constitutional victory for secular voters in Alabama. FFRF sued the Alabama secretary of state last October on behalf of four Alabama citizens who encountered and objected to a religious test to register to vote. Here's the story link.

@silverotter11 Saw that yesterday, and it is most definitely a good thing.
However, it's just one positive in a raging sea of utter bullshit.


"Oh NO, the Yogas are coming, the Yogas are coming, run and hide everyone or those evil, nasty Yogas will get get you and make you squat, chant and learn to relax."


Fuck sake


Oh that scary yoga! 😨 Socialism is probably involved.

Even worse than mere 'socialism," I'm afraid.
Inner peace, contentment, relaxation and ALL those other nasty evil things that the Christfools fear and dread.

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