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Can someone tell me why so many prominent black people are saying this?? Is it that they are rich? sell-outs... Uncle Toms?? Seriously?? but they're not all rich,,, not all prominent people in any circles... It does not make sense... []

Captain_Feelgood 8 Apr 7

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The Democrat in particular are notorious for trying to stir up racial hatred by backing up the radical Marxist group BLM and stirring things up over election laws requiring you to show an ID to vote. Charles Barkley is one of the few pro basketball players who seems to see things in the correct way.


The Republicans have been selling people the idea that they are the party of white people and the Democratic party is the party of African Americans.

Ummm.... I believe you have that backwards there nick.. Or have you forgotten the conversation Biden had with the young black guy, Charlamagne? Or all the other Democrats that say blacks should vote blue...[]

@Captain_Feelgood I'm a Democrat and I'm happy that African Americans usually vote Democrat.

@nicknotes So why are you lying about how Republican people are trying to "sell" anybody an idea of how they vote based on their skin color? That's total horse shit. But I guess I should expect that from a democrat. Pffft.. what ever.. Welcome to the 'Ignore' list.


I don't think Barkley is an Uncle Tom, and I mostly agree with him. If you want to call a prominent black man Uncle Tom, start with Obama, who to me is Exhibit A of how to sell out your race.


I mostly agree with him. Most politicians are in the business of remaining politicians until they've bankrolled their future sufficiently. They don't work much and they make a fortune on the side. Nice gig. And as long as people are fighting among themselves, they're not going after the crooks in Washington.


White con's will rally around him and use him (just as he is now being used by white corporate media). Blacks will tune him out in disgust. The man is past his prime and the buzzer has sounded.

Interesting! Are you thinking white dems don't rally around black athletes (retired or not) and use them just like white corporate media does? Do you think the black athletes here are past their primes and should be ignored? []


He's not a sell out, he is capable of some nuanced thinking. This article was edited to fit an agenda.



The American public is being kept in a constant state of drama and fear, whether its race relations, or the economy, or tense relations with a foreign power, guns, or whatever they throw at us that is scary.

I agree with Barkley. It doesn't however, mitigate that systems in America are stacked against persons of color. I've seen and experienced this myself in the educational system. But, I agree with his statement that most black and white people are good people. America's political system has been changed to keep the wealthy class in control. America is an plutocracy.


I have been saying this for 50-ish years, it is pretty blatantly obvious to even a casual observer like myself.


You mean why are they suggesting that the ongoing hatred is fuelled by those that don’t want us to get over our pasts of collective experience? Be it as a white or black/ BAME person?
It’s always been theory that while people are fighting each other they don’t look to the real power holders and try and change anything meaningful.
Concentration on the past obviously prevents growth, after an analysis of how it can be used going forwards.
Social media is a place where many sites regurgitate foolishness which would be aired in 5 minutes in the kitchen of any party. Winding people up repetitively prevents them analysing their lives too much, much as the endless pursuit of the next home/ car/ home decor/ garden feature.
To heal; some people see we need to get past that. The longer the hurts have happened the harder it is. If one party denies their part in abuse it’s difficult, especially when it has far reaching impacts. To acknowledge the hurt and move on is a great step. Peace in Ireland and Berlin didn’t happen through fighting. An allowance for things to become past, acknowledged, moved on from, if not forgiven, is the peace process.

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