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To Conservative Atheists, those who haven't blocked me. Stop allying with morons. Get the shot. Stay Alive.

barjoe 9 Apr 11

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This is perfect.


There’s a link between political belief and refusing the vaccine? Wow!

White Republicans apparently:


Cannot find any data supporting that this is the case in the UK though. The current government are Conservative and they are definitely promoting the vaccine.

Only a small minority of Tories are fascists. In the US, Republicans are like 50-50. 40% of GOP are against the vaccine.

@barjoe 59% of Texan GOP according to the above article.

@girlwithsmiles Good old Texas. 59% reluctant. The graph said 41% outright.


I knew you'd go too far one day Joe, exhorting conservatives to stay alive.

I should want them to die?


I’ve been blocking them.
Just blocked a 29 year old that according to his profile is from”The South” as if it’s something special and important.
I didn’t block him until I responded to his claim that Biden didn’t have a speech impediment. I even said “Don’t believe me, Google it” and he went off accusing me of bias. I am biased toward the truth if anything.
So I blocked him, Forever, as I do with all people that attack me with fascist passive aggressive racism.

Most of them have blocked me. I don't block people because of their politics, I block people because they are annoying.

@barjoe What can I say? Fascist annoy me.

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