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I was dismayed this afternoon when my wife told me my 6-year-old son wasn't actually mine.

She then said I need to pay more attention at school pick up.

Lilac-JadeCanada 9 Apr 17

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Never been guilty of that one myself BUT when my daughter Lorrae was about 7 years old she, being a VERY determined young girl, came walking home from School one day ( only about 4 blocks from the School to our house btw) with a little boy about 3 years old and said quite calmly to me, " I founded him walking along the footpath Daddy, he was all by hisself, can we keep him Daddy, please, please, please?"
Luckily I knew where this little bloke lived so I returned to his somewhat worried mother much to Lorrae's disappointment.


All white kids look alike.

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