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Here's to another day at a soul-crushing office job.

Now listen, I try not to be a negative person. Nothing can be gained with that attitude. But as much as I love the people I work with, I once again have the itch for something new (less than a year after taking this job). I've longed to work for myself and travel - the problem is, I don't know what type of work I could do. Have you ever had a self employment idea? Would it travel well?

NicThePoet 7 Apr 16

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If you know how to speak any foreign languages... You're not exactly working for yourself but you could probably get a job as a translator in another country?

Sadly, I am not proficient enough in a foreign language for that. Otherwise it is a great idea!


Yes art but I don't travel well lol


I worked on a couple of cruise ships. It was pretty awesome. Every once in a while I dream about running away from everything and going back.

Remi Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

That sounds like a good idea!


Not sure what you presently do career wise, but how about considering a career in cyber security?


A friend I have recently had a meeting with some local public tv heads (he works for the state education department). I suggested that next time he pitch's them a travel show based on his love of history and metal. Maybe try something like that. The worst that can happen is they say no.

That's really cool. I hope he goes for it!


Self employment isn't all its cracked up to be. Been there and done that. No benefits, nobody to cover for you if you get sick or just want to get away. You can never "leave it at the office". You basically have to live and breathe your work. I recommend a solid job that you can tolerate that pays the bills. Try and focus on the redeeming qualities of it, almost all jobs have at least one, lol. Live simply and save money for travel. Explore your passions and creativity in a side business on Etsy or something similar (for me it's teaching a few yoga classes every week).


Gee Nicki... an airline stewardess, but that really sucks now days. I don't know! Never wanted to work for myself. I can take it easy working for somebody else.


Maybe a Real Estate License is for you.


Got it! Truck Driver!!


Got any aviation experiance?

None, but it sounds fun.

@WickedNicki not really but not bad cash if you can get into it.




Do you actually have any idea about what you want, high class call girl sounds good to me ?


YTravel agent


Flight attendant? That's not working for yourself, but ...

Absolutely not. I do not like other humans enough to tolerate catering to them either on the ground OR in the sky.

@WickedNicki Now I know why we broke up last week!

@phil21 It also may explain why I'm perpetually (and happily) single!

@WickedNicki Happy is the key word, WickNick. Nothing else matters. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

@phil21 I'll take all the thoughts and prayers I can get. Thanks!

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