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Great story about the White House solar panels. They ended up at a college and lasted a long time before they had to replace them.
We could have been the leader in alternative energies today.

Ktcyan 7 Apr 16

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Personal connection here. There used to be 5 Regional Solar Centers during Jimmy Carter's term. I worked for NESEC - NE Solar Energy Center in Boston, MA as a marketing coordinator for solar energy firms in New England. We were under the Dept of Energy. Energy Secretary was Ralph Jones at the time. We all got laid off within a year when Reagan nixed solar.

Wow, then you know 1st hand what all we lost with this stupid decision. I don't understand the Republicans need to take us backwards and undoing any kind of advancements done by Democrats. Creates much instability and we are rapidly losing our standing in the world we once had. Seems like since the Reagan administration is when the gridlock really got bad. I think it's the white evangelicals agenda that's being served here.


I remember them being put up (barely), and I remember Reagan taking them down. Our whole family was upset with Reagan's decision, which seemed anti-science and anti-innovation... even my dad (who was Republican at the time). It is indeed sad that, by now, all of our govt. buildings' power needs are not supplemented by US-made solar panels and/or wind generators.

You beat me to the reply, I was in 5th grade when Reagan took them down and with my love of science at that time I couldn't comprehend why he was having them removed.


Gotta make those profits for the oil companies.


I saw a documentary on the Chinese solar program and it showed that solar panel in a Chinese energy museum with the video of Pres. Carter giving the inaugural speech for the panels. In the end, he said "now America, it's up to you to develop renewable, pollution-free energy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil'. (highly paraphrased from memory) Basically, the Chinese were poking fun at our ignorance. This was in a city completely powered by alternative energy sources.

When Regan got into office, I was still getting my masters in alternative energy engineering. He canceled all the tax credits to the industry and the industry collapsed. By the time I graduated, there were no jobs to be had.


I think this group of white house idiots are trying to bring us back to the industrial age. Ugh.


You would have too visit Scotland too really see renewable energy at work.Wind/wave power.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Think Bill Clinton thought that a foreign nation would be better at handling American commerce.


Freakin' pathetic.


So tired of shit like this.

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