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Covid: US death toll passes 600,000 as vaccination rate slows


xenoview 8 June 15

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This will take more lives than the Spanish flu pandemic. When all this is said and done over the next year or two there will in all likelihood be over 1 million deaths or maybe more. I hope not, but I’m not hopeful about anything that isn’t in my control.

You have pretty much spelled out my thinking as well regarding hopefulness, esp. concerning things that involve systems of power, which, as you, I, and Chris Hedges know are presently beyond the control of peons like us, short of some kind of revolution to right the power imbalances.

Just curious, are you predicting over 1 Mil deaths in the US, or worldwide?

@TomMcGiverin The US.

@CuddyCruiser Then I really do hope you're wrong.

@TomMcGiverin And I certainly hope I am. But COVID is still raging and your always going to have the religious fuckwads crying about the same shit they’ve always cried about. So in those parts of the country infections will be higher.

@CuddyCruiser I hear you, and I live in a red state. The latest I heard, tho, is that Iowa is up to about 50 or 60% of adults vaxed. The case numbers are now so low that the state is shutting down its drive thru testing sites about a month from now.

@TomMcGiverin That’s an exception because most southern states, most notably Georgia, only about 36 percent of the population there is vaccinated.

@CuddyCruiser I wish states like that would just secede.


Most cases now are in the unvaccinated

bobwjr Level 10 June 16, 2021

And strangely enough Republican

@oldFloyd Great isn't it

Good, as long as the vaccinated are protected against these idiots, I say let them get sick and die. My only fear is if they produce variants that I am not protected against with my current vaccination or my future vaccinations.

@TomMcGiverin very true


On FB, my sister posted about the availability of Covid vaccines and urged everyone to get vaccinated--this is in rural Okla. One of her "friends" posted something to the effect of, "Don't get it. The side effects will kill you." Although I usually avoid responding strongly to someone such as this on the profile of another person, I told her in no uncertain terms what I thought about people who do not get vaccinated. The scope of ignorance is amazing.

“The scope of ignorance is amazing.” Even today. The price of politics….ignorance.

@MsKathleen Indeed.


I think the final total US death count from Covid is going to end up somewhere short of 700K, but that's assuming there is not a later severe outbreak from one or more new variants of the virus that the current vaccines are not effective against.

I was reading an article this morning about the India variant. It's here in the US, but so far not many cases. It sounds pretty bad.

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