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I couldn't sleep so I decided to go on a walk despite the fact that it was two in the morning. I walked for over an hour and saw not a single soul outside unless they were car goers.

I was offered a ride by two different individuals and since this town is very safe it was no surprise to me. One was an elderly couple that asked if I was okay and needed a ride. I replied that I was fine and simply out for a walk. They both looked at me like I was a bit off my rocker, but they smiled and said okay in the end. The second person was an older woman and when I told her I was on a walk, she, too, looked a bit confused and went on her way afterwards.

Now I am laying in my bed wondering what it takes to get tired even after I have been awake well over 36 hours as is.

Yay!! Late night "wtf's" seem to be the norm these days. But at Least im NOT out there smoking to fill the void. hahah

Sadoi 7 Apr 18

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lol @ a bit off your rocker 😀


Brain buzzing from work?

indeed! i can never stop my mind from thinking... too much! haha


Stay strong! I know that it's tough, but keep going without smoking.

I am still resisting! power to the no puff!! haha

@Sadoi great!


I like to call this 'most days that end in y....I have given up a normal sleep schedule years ago....I do stuff til I am tired, sleep, repeat....saves on stress of 'why can't I sleep?'.

i try that too, but what worries me is when work is approaching again and i hope to not crash if i can't get any rest. lol

no one wants their nurse to nose dive and ESP someday once im an actual Doctor... who wants me to nose dive then! HAHA

@Sadoi I'm an artist, so it is my JOB to nose dive into random things....hehe...I'll be irresponsible for the both of us!

@JohnnyThorazine ooh experience by proxy???


I always liked walking and bicycling in the middle of the night. Sounds like you know what you're doing but be safe.

yes. im very observant and guarded. 😉


You are weirdness can't sleep due to pushing yourself while working 16 hr days..

thats meeee!!


@Sadoi 1 of the reasons I lovs you.

@Charlene ❤


2 beers will serve as cure to imsomnia. I rather go to a place on my mind and start creating an article in my head about something fictitious as a sport team or a band newest recording effort. I am sleeping before gets to the editor. I used to sit down and watch my lover soundly sleep. She Sleep Safe and I am her Macho Protector. Some things you can't do alone! When inspired I work in my music, but if inspired I may go 36 hours straight, things you can do retired! A former lover used to call me for phone sex, only ones I ever had... she used to call at 3 or 4 AM, I always answered, always... Very Underrated Activity... her "Not Yet!", still bounces on my brain at times... Get Creative woman!

but i don't drink. and i don't have sex. hahaha

@Sadoi Creativity my friend... dig deep inside you. Beats the hell of a boring hobby. The walk works for you. Some physical activity/exercise may do the trick for you. By the way... No Smoking!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain nope. not unless im on fire these days! haha

@Sadoi that is the spirit.... don't make me deploy my watchers on you! No Smoking for This Lady!


@azzow2 I'm very observant and if I even suspect I see another person out or I'm coming to a section of my walk where someone Could Possibly hide and sabotage me,I will be mindful and create distance.

Plus I carry bear mace too and a couple of knives. 🙂

I've got nooooo problem with getting a bit Stabby if need be because someone got lame ideas about trying to harm me.

Plus...I also told you long ago... I've been taking martial arts since age 7. It's family tradition. I have had three Third Degree Blackbelts since I was in my late teens, early 20s. I took martial arts classes multiple times a week (along with dance, and no, not with a pole, but Real dance like jazz, tap, ballet, etc) up until I decided to return to college full time as I simultaneously work full time.

I was in jujitsu then. Now I only get to the dojo a few times a month, but... I'm still proficient enough that... Well... Let's just say... No body EVER EXPECTS Yoda to kick their ass either... Until Yoda hands them their ass on a plate.

Same for me. "Oh look! Short, little female!!! EASY TARGET!".

Oh really, sir? You sure in the Fuck better hope I am EXACTLY AS I Appear to be because the worst shocks are the ones you Don't See coming...
...liiiike... a 5'2 Asian dwarf disarming and then kicking your ass all over the road.

Didn't see that one coming, now did ya? 😉

Yeah, Sadoi is pretty proficient at protecting herself. I have little fear in that regard. I'm paranoid, intelligent and a survivalist so I keep observation and action priorities.

Sadoi Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

A knitting needle would be a good idea to add to your arsenal is much easier to get into an eye in the event of an attack be it animal or human.

@Sadoi Is it wierd that I got a little turned on? 😀

@JoeMastle HAHAHA do you have a secret crush on Yoda? 😉

@Sadoi it was the '5'2 Asian dwarf kicking ass" that got me.


@273kelvin I Could actually hear the occasional bird and I did see an owl hunting. Part of the route I took goes through the forested woods. Actually, most if my walk, once I got out of the city limits, was forest.

I feel safer in the woods despite people saying "all the bad stuff happens in the forests where no one can hear or help you" but that only happens if you're too stupid to Know the woods and to Know how to stay out of sight and sound.

Believe me, when I'm deep in a forest, not one mofo can find me Unless I choose to Be found. 🙂

I Am A Child of The Forest and The Sea. I Know these woods. And I Know how to survive in them. Hence why I race out into the cold and the darkness when I cannot sleep. I feel Most At Home when I'm outside under the stars or the sunlight. 🙂

Sadoi Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

It doesn't sound much like hall to me lol


I emember walking though the park at 2.30 am and listening to a woodpecker


They were concerned for you a nice looking woman walking around. The predators seem to be in full force out there in the world. Well at least in the glorified newscast anyway.

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