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Searching for the right one is not easy I'm 34 I'm single never married before anyone comes up here with any rude comments just because their life is miserable I want to say this if you don't like my comment don't read it don't comment on it it's none of your business anyway

Joker87 3 July 3

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I agree with @Paracosm.

Insulting members is against Agnostic community guidelines. Earlier you posted:

"I'm looking for a woman that will accept me for who I am and what I'm about."

Saying "take it or leave it" causes people to leave. It shows you are unwilling to listen or change your behavior.

When I feel hurt by criticism, I listen for the kernel of truth, learn from it, and let the bad feelings go. I suggest you do the same.

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health. Smoking is a dealbreaker for the vast majority women.

Remember you are competing for women with healthy, fit men your age. What you are doing is not working.


I got married @ 31 ....what a HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE that was. The Devil's Spawn and then to find out that Satan is a SHE, and is the county judge. DUDE ! They whacked me for about 8 years of my life. Tag Teamed.

OKAY...I admit, this is all wrong of me to put BeezleBub into the same company as these 2 viscious female beasts. But Lucifer can take it....he's not an egotistical crybaby living in the clouds needing stroked and emootionally pampered by humans....Satan's in HELL!!!! Man ! Fucking HELL !!!!

Better to be single than to be with an Evil Beast

twill Level 7 July 4, 2021

I agree that single is better than that situation and I'll gladly take your word for it on how bad it was. You sound like a Sam Kinison fan...

@TomMcGiverin Altho Sam was in my generation, I'm not too familiar with his material. I remember that he was LOUD. I will look him up on youtube


I was 37 and terminally single before I met my late wife in 1995. I was never married until age 41. So you never know what can happen with time.


You have to forgive most of the people on here, age seems to make people bitter.

Tejas Level 7 July 4, 2021

I mostly agree with you, that this site is mostly older folks and that many of them are bitter, but I don't think that is the reason people are being negative towards the OP's post.

This guy brought it upon himself. He's the bitter one.

@barjoe I agree


@Joker87 You got a face only a mother could love you motherfucker.

this and the previous.

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