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I'd like to know what your thoughts are about the book, "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

I have the hardbound version, the ebook version, and my favorite is the audiobook read by Dawkins himself. I listen to it frequently when I'm out and about in my car as I'm frequently making 1 or 2 hour commutes to various places.

TheLiberalGent 7 Apr 18

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I am currently reading The God Delusion. Haven't gotten far, I'm spending too much time on here.


I really loved this book very much. He has a very deep philosophy like Bertrand Russell. I think its great to explore these concepts.

argo Level 4 Apr 18, 2018

I always enjoyed his science books, particularly the selfish gene which blew my mind as a 12 year old particularly the iterated prisoners dilemma experiments.
The God Delusion was preaching to the choir when I read it many years later but I found the clarity of exposition satisfying. Sent my first edition off to my MP as part of a campaign on Pledgebank.


I love it, especially the meme replicator parts.


While I am not a fan of theist organizations. I do believe that religion has had a minimal effect on wars and humans killing each other. Let me explain, we are tribalistic in nature, we abide by our amygdala or lizard brain. This is the survival portion of our brain and includes the Fight or flight aspect of our cognitions. This causes us to be tribal in nature, and if it weren't for religion we would have fought over some other aspect of distinction between the us and the them. A review of race relations provides a classic example. I respect others believes in religion and expect them to respect mine. This is why I have selected Humanism over Atheist as a identifier. Dawkins, tends to attack religion as the cause of human destruction, I ascribe to the idea that we were hard wired to be tribal and only education can overcome that default.

Because Religion wants to stop science as much as possible for having any weight in society. Not all religions, but particularly the ones Dawkins emphasizes.


Anyone here interested in an online book discussion?

I like the idea but I can't participate right now.


I consider myself to be very intelligent, but it was way over my head.

I agree that it can feel that way because he crams so much detail into the pages. That's why I like my audiobook version, hearing the tones of his voice can help you understand a bit more.

@TheLiberalGent That's very interesting. Perhaps I'll give it another try. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


Never read it, or any other work by him or other writers in that genre.


I liked it, I think the greatest show is better.
I guess I think it's good to have well thought out country arguments to the God question, because it helps you survive in a Christian society. But actually love evolution.

JeffB Level 6 Apr 18, 2018

I'm slowly reading the paperback book of it.


A pivotal book in my de-conversion period. I too enjoy it on audio. I like all of the books that Dawkins and Ward did on audio, actually. They are a treasure to me.


I have a pile of summer reading, and this book is on there. I do much better with fiction though, and will probably head for the fiction first before tackling something a litlte more deep.

Think of it this way. The god in which he is referring to is FICTION. LOL

@TheLiberalGent That's a good enough endorsement for me.

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