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Oh helll,,,, you know this was coming up at some point.. This guy is really good at telling the WHOLE story though. Gotta love the 'Agnostic/Atheist' sound man... 😜

Captain_Feelgood 8 July 12

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I always considered a lot of contemporary Christian artists to be either eccentrics who couldn't succeed in secular rock or pop, or in other cases, washed-up has beens from the rock scene who went the Christian route as a way to boost or extend their music career. Same way a lot of rockers go country after they get too old to do rock music anymore and no longer have any edge to their music. Similar to Christian movies, low quality versions of Hollywood films.


Ima laugh out my ass out 🤣🤣🤣

🤭"Shshshshsh....... somebody's got a buzz.. besides me that is... LOL 😁😂


Based on your recent posts, I guess you are an undercover christian. That makes sense as you are a big tRump supporter.

Aaaahh.... based on your stupidity,,, I guess you are an out-right blatant dipshit... That makes sense as you are a big,,, dipshit... 🙄 welcome to the 'ignore' list..

@Captain_Feelgood Just another stupid idiot with a comment that has absolutely no validity which is a common symptom of TDS.

@fedup @Captain_Feelgood Kiss my ass, you couple of worthless motherfuckers.

@creative51 You're going to have to point out a spot... You're pretty much all ass.. 😂


I listened for about 20 minutes and got bored hearing Christians say the depth of their religious beliefs couldn't be expressed in music well as attempts ended up being nothing but boring repetition. That would be a reason it devolved into a money making tool as opposed to a real music genre. Basically its all just a hard beat that teenagers can listen and dance to without their parents getting mad.

I found it interesting that the purposely mention Gospel as not part of the genre.

redbai Level 8 July 13, 2021

Certainly it is all about money. Even when I was in church I never took Christian music seriously. A lot of this sort of music is an attempt to put rock and roll into the church so as to attract more people. Then I saw crying singers who really wanted god to guide their music ministry. Big money and big fake!


TLDWI, got bored with it.

I guess not


Watched the whole thing. Not surprising that the hypocrisy and corruption of the religious institution, made its way into their music industry $$$

Mvtt Level 7 July 12, 2021

I got 10 minutes in and couldn't listen anymore.
Consider it a character flaw.
I tried.

Dry as dust & who cares.........I had to stop as well!

@AnneWimsey Ahh ... kind of like self description and self reflection with you I guess.. 😏😂 PS;... that goes for both of you... 🤣

@Captain_Feelgood Okay, so you're insulting me because I didn't find it interesting enough to sit through for an hour?

@Captain_Feelgood naughty little troll.

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