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These days I mostly just want someone to talk to. I'm not "lonely", per se. More just deprived of adult companionship/discourse. The only person I have around to talk to is my 12 year old and certain topics are off limits as I'm sure you can imagine.

If anybody like me just wants to talk, let me know! We can set something up - by Whatsapp or whatever you feel comfortable with.

celticagent 7 July 14

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I live alone, not even pets to talk to. I tried to sing a few days ago and found that my voice has deteriorated badly. I talk to myself aloud now and even reply so that I can exercise my vocal cords! LOL

I was so glad when I received the 2nd vaccine and could go around people. But I live in Missouri and Covid-D has hit here hard so I'm staying home again.

BethPl Level 5 July 17, 2021

Maybe get a pet so you can talk to them without thinking or feeling like you're crazy, lol. Who knows, the pet may even enjoy it or find it amusing...And you're right about our speaking voices deteriorating with lack of exercise. I notice it if I haven't been out to sing karaoke regularly. I have been thur MO to visit my friend in the KC area, and I can believe Covid has broken out there again. Too many Trumpers, even worse than here in Iowa.


I've never had kids, and that is by choice, so I have no idea what it's like to live with a 12 yo. I only have my Covid isolation of about 14 months, where about the only adult verbal conversation was pretty much on the phone. That period was really hard on me socially and emotionally, but your situation is probably as tough or tougher. Hope you find some relief and adults to talk to.

He's my 2nd son, first one I raised graduated from college last year. different marriages. it's a great responsibility.


My cats and plants might appreciate me finding another human to talk with, now and then! Feel free to drop me a question or topic via messaging, here.

Zster Level 8 July 14, 2021

thanks 🙂

You can always talk to me as well...


I know how you feel. I live alone and work from home. My primary human contact is when I go out for groceries and to run errands. I'm introverted but it would be nice to have someone to talk to besides inanimate objects.

Your situation is pretty much what mine was for 14 months with Covid. I am so glad to be out and socializing so much more these last couple months, and yet at the same time it is sort of stressful and a big adjustment to get used to.

someone suggested that AI app Replika, but it's mostly inane banter...pretty useless.


I can relate to that. I have my three dogs and an occasional call to my ex to make sure dhe's alright. Lol. During the school year I have my colleagues at work and my high school students for discourse. Once I get home though I live in a housing compound where everybody retreats to their house and family and doesn't come out until they leave for work the next day.

Feel free to reach out, I could use some good conversation as well.

t1nick Level 8 July 14, 2021


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