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Fox News and other conservative media are going to have a gala time with this []

It is possible that the New York AG is building her political plank by appearing fair and impartial in indicting crime wherever it is - Republican or Democratic. It will do two things:
~ Make her indictment of Donald J Trump look fair and impartial, and
~ Make a her a viable, strong governor candidate now or very soon just like Elliott Spitz did when he was AG of NY, New Yorkers like dragon slayers, crime busters just like they liked Rudy Giuliani when mayor

St-Sinner 9 Aug 3

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He will attempt to lie his way out of it just as he did with the nursing home disaster.


The bloke is a first class creep and a disgrace .And to think ,the woman on this site were fawning over him last year over his bullshit COVID speeches .


Impeach the bastard:This incompetent criminal should have been ousted after his deceitful actions in the nursing home scandal that took the lives of so many people


The poor slob will not be able to confess his sins.LOL


11 woman victims with credible claims .This democratic swine is a Prolific sexual abuser who even accosted the female trooper who was guarding him .The jerk claims to be a good Catholic .Now this religious liberal phony can Pray to his god for redemption.


Previous New York governor Eliot Spitzer resigned just after it was reported that he visited New York and New Jersey call girls.

Then came Congressman Anthony Weiner from Long Island, the husband of Hillary Clinton's close aide Huma Abedin. He was forced to resign by own party men and women in the Congress. Huma Abedin's budding career in Washington went up in smoke in minutes.

The kinds of Pelosi, Kirsten Gillibrand and AOC started calling for resignation of MN Democratic Senator Al Franken just after some accusation - no proof.

SC Governor Mark Sanford visited his girlfriend in Argentina while married, while lying and while governor and still managed to get elected as SC Senator because he said Jesus had forgiven him. He survives fine and continues with his power career.

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh had credible sexual abuse allegations but his party men and women stand by him (unlike our own clan) and he continues to the powerful seat on the Supreme Court.

The Conservatives and religious now get fuel in their arguments that morality comes from following God, following Jesus's teaching in the Bible and the godless people have no morality and have no family values... and some even start new conspiracy theories like Hillary ran a pedophile ring out of nail salons.

We try to be the guardians of morality and values but it clearly is not working. Someone from our own clan smokes our ass.

Our answer?


I believe you are likely correct. Trump's countless immoral, unethical, vulgar, and bigoted actions and comments were largely ignored or downplayed as are most scandals by conservatives and Republicans.

But if it's a Democrat then it gets front page and round-the-clock coverage. Even when it's not a scandal they try and make it into one such as Obama's tan suit scandal, Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress scandal, Obama's coffee cup scandal, the fake scandal about the IRS targeting conservatives, the fake Fast and Furious conspiracy nonsense, a scandalous report by Hannity about Obama putting dijon mustard instead of good ol' American ketchup on his hamburger and many other petty and juvenile criticisms of Obama.

But that's on par for the hypocrisy of Fox News, Republicans, and most conservatives.


While they ignore any rethugs

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