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New here! How is everyone!

feel_My_stang 2 Aug 22

Enjoy being online again!

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Welcome to the community. I hope you'll enjoy thoughtful posts and discussions here.


I'm doing good...glad you asked !

twill Level 7 Aug 24, 2021

Doing great, just joined this tonight.

Same here

Good luck with that, chief, if you are here to date. It appears you have only one woman with a compatibility rating of over 50% that lives anywhere in your area of WI, and she hasn't been on this site for over a month or two. All the other few women who meet that criteria, haven't been on here for a year or more. Rotsa ruck, and welcome to my local dating situation on Agnostic. Maybe you and the Texas gal can get together for a LD romance, that is all that is available to most of us from this site.

Except for a very lucky few here, you need to join a real dating site, like Match or POF, and pay for it, to have any actual chance of meeting people to date online.


Gotta 976 number?

Not sure what that referred to

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