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Royals: They are born; they urinate; they defecate; they copulate; they flatulate. They're people. What's the bloody big deal? Do you give a hairy rat's arse? I don't.

tioteo 8 Apr 19

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I can't think of anything less interesting than the Royal Family. Bunch of wankers.


You are right.These so called "Royals" are just mere humans, no more no less than the average human being on the planet, yet we make a huge much ado about these mere humans.We are always looking for someone or something to praise as higher or more important than we are. Get a life and enjoy your one life that you got.


Six feet under we all are the same....


If we're talking about the British Monarchy, they're just symbolic of tyranny! They tried to take over the world with their Empire. Why would anyone celebrate those kind of people; British, American or otherwise???? I won't bend a knee to anything 'royal'.


Me neither...its a daft idea when you think about it. Their ancestors just had bigger sticks than thee n me. The only thing is in countries I have lived in or visited that don't have Royals, they do seem to recreate these highers eschalons anyway. Just look at Hong Kong Tatler...its horrid. But yeah for la revolution


While I agree with your point, your writing skiills are terrible and your your post is crude and tasteless.

Wow Walt, why don't you tell us what you really think?

Two errors in one sentence, wordywalt. Ouch!
That said, I'm always entertained by the irony of people posting on things they claim to care nothing about.

He could have said said piss, sh-t, f-ck, & fart.

@Josephine You are correct. At my age, my vision is not good, and I miss my spelling errors. Incidentally, you misspelled criticize.

@Josephine giggles

@Josephine Sorry. I had forgotten that you Brits have a quaint way of spelling some words.


I completely agree. People are just people.


I'm British & not a monarchist. Mostly the royals are entitled parasites. That said, our current queen has worked diligently and decently in the job for 65 years without a whiff of corruption, scandal or favouritism. One thing a hereditary head of state has going for it is that there is really no way to rig the succession, which would otherwise go to a political appointee and weaken the separation of powers necessary to hold a government to account.


It's all a lot of archaic anachronistic nonsense that should have been relegated to history in the 20th century. At least those of you on the US threw off the British and went forward. Here in Australia we still can't decide to be a Republic with many hanging on to all that Royal nonsense.

But actually, there's a more fundamental point and contradiction with the continuation of monarchies. While the notion of equality is espoused, we continue with this idea that some people are born royal and somehow deserving of respect simply by virtue of their 'noble' birth. What!? So we have princesses and princes and so on, reinforcing the idea by birth some are better born, a higher class, deserving of respect for no other reason. Ridiculous. It reinforces the idea of class by birth. Here in Australia I have nothing to do with it. When someone says, "Prince so and so is coming" I say, "what a waste of money". When someone says, "Oh another Royal baby..gush gush.." I say, "well there's another parasite for the tax payer to support... Poor suckers." So I'm real popular with monarchists, as you can imagine.

Hi, from Hobart - agree with everything you said - can't think of anything less interesting than the royal family. ps I have nothing to do with monarchists - their belief is childish, I prefer grown-ups

@Hobartian hello. The number of Australians here is growing. Not sure if you know, but there is a group here for us. Aussie skeptics.

@David1955 Where is "here"? US somewhere?

@Hobartian I meant here in this community, on this site. Sorry for any ambiguity.

@David1955 OK - there does seem to be a few of us. Where are you?

@Hobartian Adelaide. There are quite a few Australians here but not all of them are very active. I hope that changes in the future.


Off with their heads!

Coldo Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Right on brother!

There are bunch of leeches and vampires, sucking the blood out of their so called Colonies all over the globe, especially the black colonies like in Africa, Australia and in the West Indies.


I've never understood it..Esoecially in places where nowadays they are nothing more than figureheads...Really expensive figureheads.


I have always had a problem with praising the memory of the rule of monarchy.


Idk. Legend has it that George Brett never took a shit in his entire life.

LOL. Best comment on the thread.

First time I'd heard that. Hmmmm....mmmmm...He could still play, though.


We have celebrities and the 1%, both with their own dynasties, so it’s not any different.

You're right here. There is a certain desire to have some kind of "royalty".


Nope. That institution needs to be wiped from humanity.


I don't understand it especially in constitutionally run countries like England. Why on Earth are those guys paying a family to do nothing?

Because we have no choice.

@smoyle You could always take a lesson from the French on this topic haha

Then maybe it's time for a revolution.

ha, don't tempt us!


A lot of the Brits feel the same way. However, royal stuff is why the majority of non-Brit tourists visit Briton...they are THE major tourist attaction (read $$$$$).

Nailed it on the head.
Every Brit I know couldn't give a shit less about them.
They're nothing more than a figurehead.
A token to a "glamorous" life style with the family's many stolen riches.

Now that's a good point.

I had suspected that.

Yes, true, but mostly tourists see buildings and landmarks and historical places, not the royals themselves, so I've never been that impressed by the tourist argument. Yes there are Royal weddings and so, but these are occasional and for the most part it's the history and architecture tourists see.

@David1955 Nevertheless, I have seen claims on t.v. specials that state that tourists state their reason for visiting Briton has mainly to do with the Royal family...fewer mention the historic buildings. I suspect that the palaces etc. would lose their charm if the public knew that they were empty.

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