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Why is trump appointing people with no science backround to science posts?

michaelj 7 Apr 20

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Like almost all politicians, he wants people who will back him up rather than people who know what they're talking about. It's the same here in the UK: George Osborne was Chancellor of the Exchequer and responsible for reducing the UK's crippling debt for six years from 2010-2016, despite having no qualifications in economics, but was a staunch supporter of prime minister David Cameron; meanwhile, Professor David Nutt, a renowned expert in neuropsychopharmacology who was given a job as the government's expert advisor on drugs, was rapidly dismissed after he opposed the government on various aspects of the country's legal policies regarding drugs and drug use.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Because he's a twat!


Because he doesn't CARE about the science. He's not a long-term (beyond his lifetime) investor. It's all about the money and who can up-turn Obama's values to reverse everything we know and care about. No surprise there. The huge surprse to me is that the GOP is just fine with it all. Are there NO people with a shred of conscience and a care for their grandchildren in the GOP? How has science bacome a political subject? Boggles the mind.

Is it really about undoing what Obama did, or is it really about undoing what favors the people versus what favors corporations and the wealthy?

@bingst BOTH, but he's almost rabidly-focussed on undoing anything Obama had a hand in. The people vs the wealthy & corps is the short-term investment I was alluding to.


Because he is told to.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

It is generally to get rid of agencies that he wants to get rid of.


The same reason he looks for the worst appointee for every position. He's trying to tear it all down.


Trump doesn't believe in fake Science.

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