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Just wanted to share my good news with you all. Yesterday was my First day at Training in the Pharmacy, I was given the Designated Hitter Position at My Job Which Means I will be able to work all departments and at least one 4 hour shift in the pharmacy a week.Its kind of a big deal at Walgreens and I'm pretty Proud of myself since I've only been there since December.

idlopalev 7 Apr 20

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Great Job!




Congrats! I think that is a very big deal!

balou Level 8 Apr 20, 2018

Gratz. I'm in a similar situation. I started a new job at a mattress store. They usually insist that you're in training for two months and this is a little over my third week and I'm already on commission. I'm proud of your accomplishments. You're obviously one of those quick learners who work hard. Great job!


Congratulations on your promotion.




Good for you! If I were close to your pharmacy, I'd make sure you would be the one to sell me blood pressure pills.


Yay! Well done. Go hit 'em gal! 😉


Congrats...many years ago I worked in a pharmacy doing front ,pharmacy liquor cosmetics...while going to nursing was fun.

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