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Un-Vaccinated People and their Hospitalizations

[] There was a piece this morning on NPR on how hospitals are filling up with Covid patients who are not vaccinated although vaccinations are free and available everywhere.

What stuck me was there is an additional penalizing premium for life and other insurances for smokers so why not have high deductibles and higher premiums for un-vaccinated people? Why should the entire health care system and ultimated the society bear the burden of some irresponsible people?

What do you think? Please give your opinion irrespective of what law allows today federally or locally.

Should Unvaccinated People Pay Higher Costs When Hospitalized for Covid Infection?

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St-Sinner 9 Sep 8

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Charge the anti-vaxers more! They are the ones who are using Qanon ridiculousness to support their anti-vaccine theories which have all been debunked!


I'm going to go a step further than that. If you have Covid and refused the vaccine for a non-medical reason, you should automatically be a lower priority for healthcare. I can think of no reason that a person should die waiting for treatment because of a bunch of preventable cases of Covid are taking ICU space.


Smoking increases your health care premiums. The healthcare costs for those who smoke, drink excessive amounts of alchohol, or are obese is largely passed on to the rest of society. One way or another, people who refuse to get vaccinated will result in higher healthcare costs. And out of all of these, getting vaccinated is by far the quickest and easiest.


If you have a poor driving record, you pay more for auto insurance, If you live where there is no fire hydrants you pay more for home owner insurance, if you have medical issues you pay more for Life Insurance, so people with no vaccine should pay more for health insurance or at least have much higher deductibles on their coverage.


MRNA inoculations are NOT vaccines, they are genetic manipulation.

You are ignorant, you hockey puck.


Normal: DNA to RNA to SPIKE PROTEIN (only)

Vaccine: RNA to SPIKE PROTEIN (only)

Fox News: PROTEIN to RNA to DNA (wtf?)

So no; MRNA cannot write DNA and hence MRNA vaccines (yes, vaccines because they create spike proteins which provide the defense) cannot be said to genetically manipulate anything... they merely "skip" the DNA to RNA transcription stage and create the spike proteins directly.

Please describe the genetic manipulation that occurs after getting a vaccination? What type of cell is getting its DNA manipulated? (That would be none and none).

PBuck0145: Opening yer mouth to display yer incredible ignorance Again?


Having grown up in a relatively left wing, european social democracy, I find the idea of putting a premium on public health to be obnoxious in the first place

However if you are to take the steps to allow a gargantuan, parasitic risk management bureaucracy to stand in the way of health care then it would seem that higher costs are the natural consequence of risky choices. Maybe economics can be more influential than science in a post truth society.

Though the unintended consequence is that this may lead to less anti-vaxxers being insured at all. The medical profession can't just ignore infectious diseases. So uninsured anti-vax covid patients will still get treated, they just won't be able to pay for it and we're back to my original point.

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