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Some say that President Theodore Roosevelt was simultaneously a man ahead of his time and a man of his time. Apparently, he stated that he had "always believed that wise progressivism and wise conservatism go hand in hand". They say that Roosevelt was a progressive conservative.
Progressive conservatism is probably a familiar term to Brits. Living in England, I am probably one of many people who think that we are all conservative in that we want to conserve what is working well for our society and we are all progressive in that we will consider changes and realize them if they are good for our society.
Do you think that progressive conservatism is an ideology worth pursuing in your countries? Or is it too tame an ideology to your liking? 😆 Did you (or do you have) a progressive conservative leader in your countries?


Ryo1 8 Sep 11

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Teddy Roosevelt was a unique man and politician. Since his time, no person who is both a conservative and a progressive has ever served has ever been elected to the American presidency. Few ever appeared on the political scene in America since Teddy. Today. mo such creatures exist in the USA.

I respectfully disagree. Current stats show that only about 25% of voters claim to be Republicans (conservative), another 25% Democrat (progressive). The remaining 50% are not represented by any party but might well fit the description of "conservative progressive" as they don't want to entirely subjugate themselves to either party as representing them.

We need open primaries.

@Normanbites I would love it if you were right. I just do not see the desire for reforms and changes which would make our country better and serve ALL of our people better among conservative circles.


Progressive conservatism is an oxymoron for morons.

Collective capitalism is another one that sounds like an oxymoron, but Japan practises this theory.

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