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Autographed books of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens

The Secular Underground Network started in 2020 as a project of the International Atheïst Association. Unfortunately IAA had to stop. As director of the SUN project I felt responsible for the fate of the growing number of families and individuals that were counting on us. I couldn't leave them alone, bit realised as well that I can not do it alone. That's what brought me to develop this communicatity website.

We see great things happening: trauma therapist that joined give free therapy to people that have experienced dreadful things, career coaches help jobseekers with there resume and job hunt. Volunteers from countries all over the world offering time and skills and contacts to get people out of the most dangerous situations.

The larger the community grows, the more people can be helped.

Everyone that registers before October has a change to win one of the autographed books from Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens[]

mjf68 3 Sep 14

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I would not know their autograph from that of anyone else. I would also not know I had a real autograph of a movie star. Anyone can write.

That's the true skeptic spirit 😂


Good luck you need it.

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