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I thought I’d be married before level 6 or a date or! I’m not disappointed, perhaps it’s my fault for not using my level 5 Wand of Enchantment correctly. The level 6 laser vision should help. I’m looking forward to it πŸ™‚

HoaryMarmot 7 Apr 20

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A month and a half in, level 6 and almost 150 lookieloos but barely a peep in my inbox. I’d better take matters into my own hands or my sister is going to set me up with a guy from church! ?

Yikes! You had better get busy πŸ™‚


I was married, divorced and lost my house by level 4

without a doubt lol


Well she's not gonna throw herself on the hood of your car!


HoaryMarmot, very funny!

My inbox is choked with messages from men who live too far away.

"What's your plan?" I want to reply. "You will fly to Wenatchee, Washington every weekend so we can get to know each other? I didn't think so."

HoaryMarmot, Your username (10 points) and profile (90 points) are hilarious (100 points)!

You are up to 200 points in the hilarity index. Bravo! Does that make you feel better?


Level 7 turns you pyschic and your future looks...

@HoaryMarmot none of us knows yet


I'm only a level 3 right now. Which kind of sucks because I know men prefer 10s.

That was good. πŸ™‚

I wish my level 7 applied to my looks!


gotta reach out.

yeah, there's a lot of that. smile too.


More new members everyday-sooner or later


I'm Level Seven so sorry, I cannot date anyone below that level.

@HoaryMarmot We are quite level conscious, you know.


Are you actually asking women out? Private messaging them? Or just waiting for the more aggressive male-ish women to chase YOU?

@HoaryMarmot LOL! Gender traits have nothing to do with appearance (sigh). I look like a tiny, delicate woman but I'm partially transmale and I also pursue the prey, better than men do.,,but only if I have a crush on a female. My cis hetero women friends and relatives do NOT chase anyone, but men sure chase THEM.
Most Americans seem to know little about gender issues..thinking everything has to do with appearance, and most think "all women" are alike.


Things don't happen in a second like that, more like 3 seconds, lol.


Lol! Where is my wand...?


Nope! Level 6 is a bummer. Don't believe a word you hear. πŸ˜‰

Wand of Enchantment? Why didn't I get one? I WANT MY WAND OF ENCHANTMENT!!!!!

@HoaryMarmot I know right? lol


Hell I thought I would have a conversation going but nothing man or woman


Yeah me too especially when there is 100% compatibility.


If that is all your work in the pictures, I am impressed.

I took the homeless thing to be some kind of humor, but not sure where it was going.

You are kinda funny. I like the way you wrote your profile.

My dad loved chickens. I think my sister does too. (Irrelevant, I know.)

A few more pictures of you might help your prospects. Just a thought, not a criticism.


The level perks have been a joke to me so far.

They really are not meant to be something serious. If you have noticed a lack of utter and complete bullshit and trolls compared to many other social media sites, you might be able to appreciate the levels just a tad. Or not. πŸ™‚

@BlueWave I've witnessed quite a bit of trolling already, and have also received unsolicited messages as well.

@SpikeTalon Those bastards! I don’t appreciate them making a liar out of me! ???

I actually don’t see a lot of the bullshit because I don’t hesitate to block idiots.

@BlueWave Yeah, same here, I just use the block function.


You know how women are....they won't date a man who has a lower level. So keep on posting and maybe you will find true love.


@HoaryMarmot Yep. I agree. I'm slowly going for level 9.

@Sarahroo29 that is when you will have children never having had personal contact with anyone on the site

@btroje Lol.


Hmm...maybe take out the part about "I'm damned near homeless."

@HoaryMarmot Indeed it can. No judgement here. Just not something you see a lot in a profile trying to attract single women. Maybe more of an in-person kind of statement?

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