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I notice this image being thrown around on social media. The source unknown.
Should we be worried about this? It seems that a communist country is implementing capitalism better than any capitalist country. πŸ˜…

Update - I found the source: []

Ryo1 7 Sep 24

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Money talks bullshit walks?


This has been an ongoing and steady trend for more than two decades. Since at least the early 90s, the era of Foxcon and other manufacturing conglomerates has resulted in the off-shoring of US manufacturing for everything from Nike tennis shoes to Apple computers. That we are not a leader in manufacturing for the world is old news. That we should do a better job at manufacturing, if for no other reason than our own survival, is an obvious conclusion.

To report that the Chinese government does not behave as would be expected for a communist organization is an understatement. It appears that they became enamored in the 80’s with the Ferengi from Star Trek TNG and decided to adopt their Rules of Acquisition!


Slave wages and no profit motive makes for cheap goods. USA is making more money in China than China is.

The Chinese definitely profit. It’s just that profit doesn’t trickle down to their laborers. They are after all the embodiment of the Ferengi and profit is always the primary motive.


China is doing it with trade. Killing all other competition with cheep goods while also lending money to poor nations and when those nations cannot pay it back they take over industries and land. China is a formidable enemy.

Thank the Chinese for your quality of life. Enemies - only if you accept the white boy's indoctrination.

@FrayedBear Well, I am not so sure about the enemy bit. I have travelled extensively in Asia and every place I have been to China is building bases there. The people do not like it but you know the government has approved it as they get money in their own pockets for it. Just like they are buying up land in Australia not to mention the Darwin harbour.


China has an authoritarian government and a capitalist economic system. Those who say otherwise are simply spreading misinformation and engaging in red-baiting, same as when they lump socialism in with communism. They don't want the peasants getting accurate info or getting any ideas about better systems than our bare knuckles capitalism.


IF, and I repeat, if that pic is propaganda, who would benefit from its acceptance as truth?


Maybe China has better wold appear so......look how WAL MART has mostly Chinese goods.


China is a paper tiger. We are their biggest customer. I think that the US should do more business with countries like India and Thailand instead being so interdependent on China


Ghostbusters, obviously...


Domination in many world markets by the CCP could be extremely damaging to western nations because its totalitarian, autocratic, dictatorial, antidemocratic values and future actions are not likely to end. I am alarmed too. On the other hand China recently has achieved some transportation infrastructure marvels. But China is still a huge CO2 polluter.

Only so America isn't!


And who could forget, Vietnam, booming capitalist economy for a small county with a ( post ? ) communist government.


Found the source.

Ryo1 Level 7 Sep 24, 2021


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